Chapter 17.10


17.10.010    Density – Purpose.

17.10.020    Permitted uses.

17.10.030    Dimensional standards.

17.10.040    Yards and setbacks.

17.10.050    Development standards.

17.10.060    Manufactured homes.

17.10.010 Density – Purpose.

The Urban Residential Agricultural (Mini-Ranchette) zone shall consist of one single-family dwelling unit per acre. The purpose of this zone is to create a living environment of modified urban development standards with single-family dwellings in a rural atmosphere. This is a transition zone between County Rural Agricultural and Urban Residential. [Ord. 2032 § 1, 2001.]

17.10.020 Permitted uses.

A. The following are permitted uses in the URA zone:

1. A single-family dwelling, one per lot, meeting the requirements of this title, including manufactured homes as permitted by this chapter and normally associated structures and uses.

2. Crop or tree farming, greenhouses and truck gardening, including the sale of products raised on the premises; provided, that no retail stand or other structure shall be located thereon, except as may be used by the homeowner to distribute harvested farm or garden items grown on the lot for FFA or like purposes, and no greenhouse heating plant shall be operated within 20 feet of any lot line.

3. Livestock for personal enjoyment and use, with associated operations and isolated sales incidental to such personal enjoyment and use. There shall be no commercial livestock operations or sales. Other livestock and poultry uses may be permitted with a conditional use permit in accordance with subsection (B)(5) of this section. Fences exceeding four feet used for livestock in front or side yards would require a special variance.

4. Public utility installations of the City of Sunnyside.

B. The following land uses may be allowed by a conditional use permit in the URA zone. More specific information can be found in SMC 17.64.020:

1. Churches (SMC 17.64.020(C));

2. Schools (SMC 17.64.020(D));

3. Home occupations (SMC 17.64.020(T));

4. Grounds for games or sports, parks, country clubs (SMC 17.64.020(AA));

5. Livestock and poultry (SMC 17.64.020(S));

6. Public utility installations other than public utility installations of the City of Sunnyside. [Ord. 2032 § 1, 2001.]

17.10.030 Dimensional standards.

A. Minimum lot area: one acre, 43,560 square feet.

B. Minimum lot width: 100 feet at street frontage; for cul-de-sacs and knuckle lots, 60 feet at the right-of-way.

C. Maximum building height: 35 feet, or two full stories above the finished pad elevation.

D. Maximum land coverage: 25 percent for all buildings on lot.

E. Minimum floor area: 1,300 square feet of living space.

F. Minimum lot depth: 200 feet. [Ord. 2032 § 1, 2001.]

17.10.040 Yards and setbacks.

A. Front Yard. There shall be a front yard having a minimum depth of not less than 50 feet.

B. Side Yard. There shall be one side yard of not less than 30 feet and a second side yard not less than 10 feet in width from the main dwelling to property line. No side yard shall be occupied by any building or structure, except:

1. Awnings and canopies;

2. Bay windows and chimneys, not to exceed two feet;

3. Driveways, curbs, sidewalks and steps;

4. Garbage disposal equipment, nonpermanent;

5. Flagpoles, landscape features, planting boxes, trees, shrubs, flowers, hedges, plants and fences;

6. Overhanging roofs, eaves, gutters, cornices or other architectural features, not to exceed three feet.

No building shall be erected closer than 30 feet to any abutting or adjoining street.

C. Rear Yard. There shall be a rear yard having a minimum depth of 50 feet for original construction.

D. Accessory buildings, such as garages, carports, tool sheds or barns shall not be located closer than five feet to any rear lot line or 10 feet to any side lot line, provided they remain at least 50 feet away from any City street. [Ord. 2032 § 1, 2001.]

17.10.050 Development standards.

In addition to the other requirements of this chapter, the following shall apply to dwellings and property development in the URA zone:

A. Roofing material: wood shake, architectural style composition/fiberglass/concrete shingles, tile, metal or other similar quality material.

B. All dwelling shall meet the requirements of the International Building Code as adopted by the City of Sunnyside, except manufactured homes per SMC 17.10.060.

C. Each dwelling unit shall have, at a minimum, a two-car garage, attached or accessory to such dwelling unit, accessed by way of a paved driveway from a public street.

D. Additions shall match the existing dwelling in style and materials.

E. Abutting streets shall be paved and improved to the modified development standard.

F. All new utilities shall be placed underground. [Ord. 2032 § 1, 2001.]

17.10.060 Manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes are permitted in the URA zone with the understanding that, because of the nature of their construction, they may differ in appearance, quality and/or value to some degree from conventionally built homes and with the intent that they blend with the surrounding conventionally built homes and not detract from the appearance of the neighborhood or value of existing homes, and as such are subject to the following requirements, except as permitted elsewhere in this title.

Manufactured homes shall all be of new construction and shall meet those requirements related to manufactured homes in an R-1M Residential zone. [Ord. 2032 § 1, 2001.]