Chapter 17.24


17.24.010    Purpose.

17.24.020    Permitted uses.

17.24.030    Home construction standards.

17.24.040    Property development standards.

17.24.050    Yards.

17.24.060    Occupancy.

17.24.010 Purpose.

This zone will provide a greater range of choice of housing types without conflicting with other residential areas. (For additional provisions regarding mobile home subdivisions, see Chapter 16.12 SMC.) [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-4, 1980.]

17.24.020 Permitted uses.

The following are permitted uses in the M-H zone:

A. Single-family mobile homes;

B. Privately owned storage structures within the subdivision plat area;

C. Accessory uses appurtenant to permitted uses;

D. Storage of recreational equipment;

E. Those special property uses allowable in the M-H zone as specified in SMC 17.64.020. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-4.1, 1980.]

17.24.030 Home construction standards.

Mobile homes located in the M-H zone shall:

A. Comply with HUD construction regulations and standards;

B. Be at least double wide with a minimum of 800 square feet in size;

C. Have a minimum 235-pound-sealed-down composition shingle roof;

D. Contain walls of wood or wood product of 10 inches or less metal overlap siding with backing board of Cellotex or styrofoam;

E. Contain residential swing-in minimum one and three-fourths-inch-thick doors;

F. Have their wheels and tongue removed;

G. Be recessed at ground level at its highest point on the lot, set upon concrete foundation (a minimum of six inches deep by 24 inches wide running length of each support beam) and shall be skirted with a noncombustible material, where earth does not reach to the base of the siding;

H. Be tied down, thereby securing the structure against uplift, sliding, rotation and overturning. Anchors and tie-downs such as cast-in-place concrete deadmen, eyelets, imbedded in concrete slabs or runways, screw augers, arrowhead augers, or other devices to be used to stabilize the mobile home shall be at each corner of the mobile home frame and shall be able to sustain a minimum load of 4,800 pounds each. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-4.2, 1980.]

17.24.040 Property development standards.

A. The platting and development of mobile home subdivisions, in the M-H zone, shall be consistent with the provisions of the City subdivision ordinance and construction standards and specifications.

B. The minimum area size to be zoned M-H is 10 acres; provided, however, that for areas less than 10 acres in size, developers may, as an alternative, utilize the planned unit development approach as provided in Chapter 17.52 SMC to develop a mobile home subdivision.

C. Mobile home subdivisions in the M-H zone shall provide common areas for the purposes of recreation as determined by the City. [Ord. 1457 § 1, 1984; Ord. 1272 § 17-3-4.3, 1980.]

17.24.050 Yards.

The following regulations shall apply to yards in the M-H zone:

A. The minimum lot size shall be 4,500 square feet with a minimum width of 45 feet and a minimum depth of 100 feet;

B. Front Yard. Same as SMC 17.12.040.

C. Side Yard. Same as SMC 17.12.040.

D. Rear Yard. There shall be a rear yard having a minimum depth of 10 feet. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-4.4, 1980.]

17.24.060 Occupancy.

A structure in the M-H zone shall not be occupied unless that structure complies with all the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-4.5, 1980.]