Chapter 17.32


17.32.010    Purpose.

17.32.020    Permitted uses.

17.32.030    Dimensional standards.

17.32.040    Yards.

17.32.050    Limitations on permitted uses.

17.32.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this zone is to provide convenient locations for small businesses servicing the everyday household needs of the local neighborhood. This zone is to be administered as a floating zone, which means it can be approved through established rezone procedures, without conflicting with the optimal land use map of the comprehensive plan. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-5, 1980.]

17.32.020 Permitted uses.

A. The following are permitted uses in the B-N zone:

1. Grocery stores and markets;

2. Drugstores;

3. Retail bakery outlets;

4. Beauty shops;

5. Variety or notion shops;

6. Self-service laundries;

7. Any use permitted in a R-1, Single-Family Residential, or R-2, Medium Density Residential zone;

8. Signs, pertaining only to the business of occupants located on the premises, which may be unlighted, or, if lighted, must be mounted flat against the building or designed as an intregal part of the store front; such signs shall in no case exceed 30 feet in height.

B. Conditional Uses.

1. Retail and service establishments dealing directly with the consumer may be allowed as a conditional use pursuant to the provisions and procedures of Chapter 17.64 SMC. [Ord. 1880 § 1, 1995; Ord. 1807 § 1, 1993; Ord. 1272 § 17-3-5.1, 1980.]

17.32.030 Dimensional standards.

The dimensional standards for the B-N zone are:

A. Minimum lot area: none;

B. Minimum lot width: none;

C. Maximum building height: 35 feet or two full stories for all uses;

D. Minimum floor area: none. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-5.2, 1980.]

17.32.040 Yards.

The following regulations shall apply to yards in the B-N zone:

A. Front Yard. There shall be a front yard having a minimum depth of not less than 20 feet for all uses.

B. Side Yard. No building shall be erected closer than 10 feet to any side lot line when abutting or adjoining an R-1 or R-2 zone, or any street or State highway.

C. Rear Yard. Same as side yard. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-5.3, 1980.]

17.32.050 Limitations on permitted uses.

A. The area zoned B-N must be conveniently located to a neighborhood it is supposed to serve.

B. No merchandise or other goods, products or containers shall be displayed outside of the building where such business is carried on or stored on the premises outside of any building thereon. [Ord. 1272 § 17-3-5.4, 1980.]