Chapter 12.40


12.40.010    Interment.

12.40.020    Disinterment.

12.40.030    Monuments new.

12.40.040    Monument restoration.

12.40.050    Plants.

12.40.060    Fences.

12.40.070    Visitors.

12.40.080    Violations.

12.40.010 Interment.

The Union and Calvary Cemeteries located on Littlerock Road, in the city of Tumwater, have been decommissioned by Resolution No. 406, which states in part “..the City of Tumwater does not wish to accept requests for burial in the Union Cemetery and Calvary Cemetery in the future.”

(Ord. O96-045, Amended, 11/05/1996; Ord. 1304, Added, 09/17/1991)

12.40.020 Disinterment.

No disinterment or removal of a body will be allowed without the consent in writing of the surviving spouse, surviving children of the decedent, surviving parents of the decedent, surviving brothers or sisters of the decedent or by order of the superior court of Thurston County. Also, written approval of the city is required. The remains from the cemeteries must be accompanied by the proper papers as prescribed by law.

(Ord. O96-045, Amended, 11/05/1996; Ord. 1304, Added, 09/17/1991)

12.40.030 Monuments new.

Should the descendant of a decedent wish to place a marker on the decedent’s burial site, the following guidelines will be followed:

A.    The burden of proof as to the location and occupant of the plat is on the requisitioner. All evidence will be evaluated by the city prior to written permission given.

B.    No monument deemed to have historic significance by the city will be replaced with a new monument.

C.    All new monuments will be flush with the ground and no larger than twenty-four inches by twelve inches. Other types of monuments are permissible upon review and approval of the historic preservation commission.

D.    Monuments will be set in line with the existing monuments.

E.    Any inscription or effigy, which the city deems improper or offensive, placed upon any plot or grave will be removed.

F.    Monument setting will be scheduled with and authorized by the city.

G.    All cost associated with the construction and setting of the monument is the responsibility of the requisitioner.

H.    Headstone Rubbings. Only stones which are not tilted, cracked, fractured or damaged and that are made of harder stones, such as granite, shall be used for headstone rubbings. Other types of markers may be used for rubbings on approval of the city.

(Ord. O96-045, Amended, 11/05/1996; Ord. 1304, Added, 09/17/1991)

12.40.040 Monument restoration.

No monument restoration will be done without prior written approval of the city. All requests will be processed on a case by case basis.

(Ord. 1304, Added, 09/17/1991)

12.40.050 Plants.

No plot or grave will be decorated by the owner or other interested parties therein with any tree, shrub or plant of a permanent nature without the permission of the city.

(Ord. 1304, Added, 09/17/1991)

12.40.060 Fences.

No fence or cornerstones in the cemeteries will be removed, altered or otherwise changed without city approval. No new fences or cornerstones will be constructed in the cemeteries without city approval.

(Ord. 1304, Added, 09/17/1991)

12.40.070 Visitors.

No person shall ride or drive any private vehicle in the cemeteries, except upon regularly provided parking areas. In additional thereto, no person shall ride or drive any horse or animal or permit any horse or animal to go upon any portion of the cemetery except upon regularly provided parking areas.

(Ord. O96-045, Amended, 11/05/1996; Ord. 1304, Added, 09/17/1991)

12.40.080 Violations.

Any person who willfully damages any tombstone, monument or marker or willfully destroys any cemetery property or violates any portion of this chapter shall be punished according to the provisions set forth in TMC 1.12.010.

(Amended during 2011 reformat; 1304, Added, 09/17/1991)