Chapter 15.50


15.50.010    Building demolition.

15.50.020    Definitions.

15.50.030    Permit requirements.

15.50.035    Application requirements.

15.50.040    Bond requirement.

15.50.045    Predemolition site inspection and public notice posting of property.

15.50.050    Completion date.

15.50.060    Final inspection by the city.

15.50.070    Failure to complete.

15.50.080    Order to complete.

15.50.010 Building demolition.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all buildings and structures being demolished, razed or otherwise destroyed and removed from the property on which they are constructed, with the exception of those structures exempt from permits in the current edition of the building code adopted by the city of Tumwater. Any item for which use or type of structure is unclear shall be reviewed by the building official and assigned a type or use for the purpose of this chapter. When determined by the building official, the requirements contained within the building code for protection of pedestrians shall also apply.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.020 Definitions.

For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:

A.    “Demolition” means the tearing down, razing or removal of a building or structure or portion thereof, for the purpose of complete or partial removal of buildings or structures, or to prepare for reconstruction or remodeling of a building or structure.

B.    “Building” is any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy.

C.    “Structure” is that which is built or constructed, an edifice or building of any kind, or any piece of work artificially built up or composed of parts joined together in some definite manner.

D.    “Demolition permit” means any building permit issued by the city for the express purpose of allowing a demolition to take place.

E.    “Bond” means a cash deposit or equivalent fiscal guarantee approved by the building official equal to one hundred percent of the valuation of the demolition work to be performed, as defined in subsection F of this section, but in no case less than $250.00. The building official may reduce or waive the cash amount of the required bond.

F.    “Valuation” for the purpose of providing a bond and calculating a permit fee for building demolition shall be the estimated cost to complete all scheduled demolition work; including, but not limited to: (1) removal of buildings, structures and foundations; (2) removal and termination of public and private site utilities; (3) abatement and/or removal of asbestos or other hazardous materials; (4) restoration of street frontage improvements; (5) protection of the property from erosion; and (6) restoration of the site to eliminate trash, debris, attractive nuisances, or hazards to life or property.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.030 Permit requirements.

Before any demolition can take place, a permit must be obtained from the city community development department. A separate permit is required for each building or structure demolished.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.035 Application requirements.

Application shall be made for demolition permits on forms provided by the city. An application shall also include:

A.    Site plan of property where work is going to take place. This plan shall include structure(s) being demolished, location of utilities, septic tanks, an itemized statement of valuation of demolition and restoration work to be performed, or other such items as may be required by the building official.

B.    Copy of asbestos survey required by the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency.

C.    Results of a pest inspection and, if necessary, a pest management plan.

D.    Plans for restoring frontage improvements (curb closure, sidewalk replacement, street patch, or other items as required by the building official). These items will not be required if building permits for redevelopment have been applied for or if redevelopment is planned within six months. In such case, the cash bond will be held until building permits for redevelopment are issued or improvements are complete. Completion shall not be deferred more than six months. Temporary erosion control and public protection shall be maintained during this time.

E.    A certificate of appropriateness waiver from the Tumwater historic preservation commission is required if buildings or structures are registered on the Tumwater register of historic places or districts.

F.    A written work schedule for the demolition project. Included in this may be, but are not limited to, street closures, building moving dates, right-of-way work, or other items as required by the building official.

G.    Permit Fee. Permit fees are to be determined according to applicable fee schedules of the building code and adopted by local amendment by the city of Tumwater. The building official shall verify valuations submitted for permit purposes. The building official may require additional documentation from the applicant to verify valuations.

(Ord. O2018-007, Amended, 10/16/2018; Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.040 Bond requirement.

A bond shall be placed on deposit with the city at the time of permit application for the purpose of insuring completion of the demolition or, in the case of noncompletion, to insure that funds are available to pay for project completion by the city. Completion of a project by the applicant with final inspection approval by the community development department will cause said deposit to be returned to the applicant in its entirety. Bond money shall be placed on deposit by the city for the express purpose of holding cash bond/deposit funds. Return of bond funds to the applicant shall be upon successful completion of demolition. If the applicant fails to complete the project, the city may use the bond to complete the permit requirements.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.045 Predemolition site inspection and public notice posting of property.

When a completed permit application for demolition of buildings or structures is received, a predemolition site inspection shall be performed by the building official or his/her designee to determine specific conditions for compliance with this chapter. At completion of the site inspection, the building official or his/her designee will post a notice on the site stating that the building or structure will be demolished after the time indicated on the notice. The notice shall be placed on site a minimum of five working days prior to issuance of demolition permits.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.050 Completion date.

All demolition work shall be completed within thirty days of permit issuance. When circumstances beyond the permittee’s control prevent completion of the work, the permittee may request an extension in writing to the building official prior to expiration of the permit. Requests for extension must indicate why additional time is necessary to complete the work.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.060 Final inspection by the city.

A final inspection shall be made when all demolition-related debris, contaminated soil, paving, concrete, foundations and utilities have been removed from the property and disposed of properly.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.070 Failure to complete.

In the event the permit holder fails to complete the demolition within the time established by the date set by TMC 15.50.050, or abandons the project site, the building official or his/her designee shall inspect the demolition site to determine the extent of work yet to be completed. The building official may issue an order to complete, as provided for in TMC 15.50.080.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)

15.50.080 Order to complete.

An order to complete shall be issued by the building official in the event a demolition project is either abandoned or not completed in the allotted time. This order shall be posted on site and copies sent to owner of record, contractor, and lienholder. For the purposes of this section, “lienholder” shall include the bonding company and insurer, if any. An order to complete shall be issued in accordance with provisions for unsafe buildings or structures in the city of Tumwater building code.

(Ord. O2010-017, Amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. O95-001, Added, 10/03/1995)