Chapter 17.08


17.08.010    Binding site plans.

17.08.010 Binding site plans.

A.    The intent of this section is to provide an alternative method of land division for the sale or lease of commercial or industrial zoned properties, condominiums, and manufactured home parks that is more flexible than traditional land division procedures. Binding site plans allow for shared access, parking, streets and other required aspects of development such as park and open space areas. Binding site plans promote orderly and efficient growth and expedite the land use review process.

B.    Divisions of land into lots, parcels, or tracts zoned for industrial and/or commercial use or specifically intended for condominiums or manufactured home parks may be processed as a binding site plan. The city shall approve a binding site plan following the process in TMC Title 17, Land Division, when it has been shown to conform to the requirements of the zoning code; provided, that said lots, parcels or tracts shall not be sold or transferred unless the binding site plan and a record of survey map, which is prepared in compliance with Chapter 58.09 RCW, and which includes a legal description of each lot, parcel or tract being created, is approved by the department of community development and filed for record in the county auditor’s office.

C.    The department of community development shall certify that the survey map conforms to the requirements of the zoning code, land division code, and development standards, and affix its signature to the survey prior to recording; provided further, that the binding site plan and all of its requirements shall be legally enforceable on the purchaser or other person acquiring ownership of the lot, parcel or tract; and provided further, that sale or transfer of such a lot, parcel or tract in violation of the binding site plan, or without obtaining binding site plan approval, shall be considered a violation of this title and shall be restrained by injunctive action and be illegal as provided in Chapter 58.17 RCW.

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