Chapter 17.10


17.10.010    Boundary/lot line adjustments.

17.10.010 Boundary/lot line adjustments.

The applicant for a boundary line adjustment shall submit an application with a record of survey for the purpose of a boundary line adjustment to the community development department for approval. The required documents shall contain:

A.    Acknowledged signatures of all parties having an interest in those lots, tracts, parcels, sites, or divisions whose boundary lines are to be adjusted;

B.    Original and adjusted legal descriptions of the affected lots;

C.    A signature and the stamp of a licensed land surveyor, licensed in the state of Washington, which attests to the accuracy of the survey and legal descriptions describing the adjusted lot lines. The community development director shall certify that the proposed boundary line adjustment conforms to the requirements of this subsection, and affix his/her signature to the required documents;

D.    All property lines of all parcels involved in the boundary line adjustment must be surveyed, including establishing all corners that are found or set; and

E.    If structures are present on site, they shall be shown on the boundary line adjustment. Distances from structures to property lines shall be shown on the survey.

A boundary line adjustment is to be utilized to consolidate lots, tracts and/or parcels or to resolve minor boundary line problems between two lots, tracts, parcels, sites or divisions of land, such as an encroachment or encroachments found as a result of a boundary survey. An adjustment of lot lines which the community development director judges to be for the purpose of avoiding frontage improvements or an obligation to pay latecomer fees shall not be construed as minor. Such proposed boundary line changes will be considered through a short subdivision process.

Proposed boundary line changes that alter the underlying platting or division pattern, or that alter legal access, are not to be construed as boundary line adjustments.

A proposed adjustment of lot lines which the community development director judges to be for the purpose of circumventing the nonresidential development standards of TMC 18.32.080(B) of the AP airport overlay zone district shall not be approved as a boundary line adjustment.

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