Chapter 10.30


10.30.010    Established.

10.30.020    Exceptions.

10.30.030    Posting of signs.

10.30.040    Enforcement.

10.30.050    Violations.

10.30.010 Established.

All through travel by motor trucks, with or without trailers, having a gross weight in excess of 10,000 pounds, is hereby prohibited on Chambers Creek Road West between Chambers Lane West to 67th Avenue West, with the exceptions set forth in UPMC 10.30.020.

(Ord. 185 § 1, 1998).

10.30.020 Exceptions.

The following vehicles are exempt from the weight limit established by UPMC 10.30.010 on Chambers Creek Road West: school buses, emergency vehicles, or trucks delivering perishable commodities or commodities necessary for the health and welfare of local residents; provided, such vehicles are used for local transport, service or delivery to locations which are accessed from Chambers Creek Road West between Chambers Lane West and 67th Avenue West.

(Ord. 185 § 2, 1998).

10.30.030 Posting of signs.

The director shall post signs at each end of that portion of Chambers Creek Road subject to the weight limit and at other appropriate locations. This chapter shall not become effective until such signs are in place.

(Ord. 423 § 23, 2004; Ord. 185 § 3, 1998).

10.30.040 Enforcement.

Any duly authorized police officer of the city of University Place, having probable cause to believe that a vehicle is violating this chapter, shall have the authority to stop any such vehicle to determine (a) its point of origin and destination, and (b) its weight. The officer has authority to order that a vehicle be driven to a public or private scale to be weighed.

(Ord. 185 § 4, 1998).

10.30.050 Violations.

A violation of this chapter shall be a traffic infraction, punishable by the fines and penalties set forth in RCW 46.44.105 as amended.

(Ord. 185 § 5, 1998).