Chapter 2.44


2.44.010    Selection of name – Criteria.

2.44.020    Designation of name by city council.

2.44.030    Naming of interior features or facilities.

2.44.040    Renaming procedure.

2.44.050    Restriction on certain name proposals.

2.44.060    Signing.

2.44.010 Selection of name – Criteria.

It is the policy of the city to choose names for public parks and recreation facilities based upon the site’s relationship to the following criteria:

A. Neighborhood, geographic or common usage identification;

B. A historical figure, place, event or other instance of historical or cultural significance;

C. Natural or geological features;

D. An individual (living or deceased) who has made a significant land and/or monetary contribution to the park system or who has had the contribution made “in memoriam” and when the name has been stipulated as a condition of the donation; or

E. An individual who has contributed outstanding civic service to the city and who has been deceased for a period of at least one year. (Ord. 93-A-26 § 1(part), 1993).

2.44.020 Designation of name by city council.

The city council shall designate the names of public parks or recreation facilities. The city council shall make its selection after receiving a written recommendation from the city parks, recreation and urban forestry advisory board, based upon public input from individuals and organizations. Such written recommendation shall state how the proposed name(s) meet the five criteria in Section 2.44.010. If a contest or competition is to be held to determine the name of a park or recreation facility, the parks, recreation and urban forestry advisory board shall establish guidelines and rules for the contest. No city funds shall be used for any contest prizes. (Ord. 2008-02 § 11, 2008: Ord. 93-A-26 § 1(part), 1993).

2.44.030 Naming of interior features or facilities.

The interior features and/or facilities of a park or recreation facility may have names other than that of the entire park or recreation facility. These names are subject to the criteria designated in Section 2.44.010 and the selection process outlined in Section 2.44.020. (Ord. 93-A-26 § 1(part), 1993).

2.44.040 Renaming procedure.

A name once selected for a park or recreation facility should be bestowed with the intention that it will be permanent, and changes should be strongly resisted. Name changes shall be subject to the procedures set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 93-A-26 § 1(part), 1993).

2.44.050 Restriction on certain name proposals.

The parks, recreation, and urban forestry advisory board shall wait at least six months between receipt of a name proposal and submittal of a final recommendation on its adoption in cases where the event or public service to be commemorated took place within the past year. (Ord. 2008-02 § 12, 2008: Ord. 93-A-26 § 1(part), 1993).

2.44.060 Signing.

Following selection of a park or recreation facility name by the city council, the parks and recreation department will identify the specific park or facility by appropriate signing specifying the name. (Ord. 93-A-26 § 1(part), 1993).