Chapter 3.46


3.46.010    Taxes imposed--Rate.

3.46.020    Due date.

3.46.010 Taxes imposed--Rate.

There is levied and imposed a tax of thirty-three percent of the charges for water and sewer services supplied by the city, and a tax of thirty-five percent of the charges for garbage collection services supplied by the city. The taxes imposed by this section shall be paid by the users of said utility services, commencing January 1, 2020. The tax shall be paid into the current expense fund. (Ord. 2019-15 §1, 2019; Ord. 1110(part), 2004)

3.46.020 Due date.

The tax imposed by this chapter shall be due and payable on or before the twentieth day of each month. Nonpayment of the tax when due shall constitute a default in payment of the monthly utility billing by the city, as provided elsewhere in this code. (Ord. 1110(part), 2004)