Chapter 5.16


5.16.010    Safety inspection.

5.16.020    Driver’s license, insurance required.

5.16.030    Proof of driver’s license, insurance.

5.16.040    Violations.

5.16.010 Safety inspection.

Annually, before issuance or before renewal of a business license for a taxicab or cabulance, and at such other times as deemed necessary by the police department or any officer thereof, the owner of a taxicab or cabulance shall submit said vehicle or vehicles for safety inspection by the Washington State Patrol.  Said vehicle or vehicles must meet applicable safety standards as defined in the Revised Code of Washington.  Said vehicles shall be maintained in compliance with said safety standards at all times.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.16.020 Driver’s license, insurance required.

The owner of any taxicab and/or cabulance shall maintain a valid driver’s license at all times.  In addition, the operator of any such taxicab or cabulance shall maintain liability and property damage insurance, covering passengers, as well as other persons, from a company licensed to write liability insurance in the state of Washington, on each vehicle used or to be used under the business license issued pursuant to this title, in an amount not less than one hundred thousand dollars for recovery for personal injury by one person, and not less than three hundred thousand dollars for all persons receiving personal injury, by reason of one act of negligence.  Insurance must also include an amount not less than twenty-five thousand dollars for damage to property of any person other than the insured.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.16.030 Proof of driver’s license, insurance.

A certificate of insurance evidencing such coverages shall be filed with the city clerk/treasurer prior to issuance of a license.  Prior to renewal, an updated certificate must be filed with the city clerk/treasurer evidencing that the licensee continues to hold adequate insurance.  A copy of the driver’s license of all employees operating taxicabs or cabulances for the business must also be on file with the city clerk/treasurer prior to issuance.  If additional drivers are hired, a copy of those drivers’ licenses must be submitted to the city clerk/treasurer within ten days of hiring.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)

5.16.040 Violations.

Violations of this chapter, in addition to being subject to the penalty outlined in Section 1.16.010, will result in notification of such to the Washington State Department of Licensing.  (Ord. 1163(part), 2007)