Chapter 2.05


2.05.010    Office created.

2.05.020    Appointment – Term – Qualifications.

2.05.030    Powers and duties.

2.05.040    Authority to designate replacement.

2.05.050    Removal of office – Procedures.

2.05.010 Office created.

The office of city manager is created and established. (Ord. 1859 § 2 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.05.020 Appointment – Term – Qualifications.

(1) The city manager shall be appointed by the city council for an indefinite term as provided by law.

(2) The city manager need not be a resident of the city at the time of his or her employment, but shall reside in the city after his appointment, unless such residence is waived by the city council.

(3) The city manager shall be chosen by the city council solely on the basis of his or her executive and administrative qualifications, with special reference to the applicant’s actual experience in, knowledge of, or accepted practice in respect to the duties of the office.

(4) No person elected to membership of the city council shall be eligible for appointment as city manager until one year has elapsed following the expiration of the term for which he or she was elected.

(5) The city manager shall devote his or her full time to the affairs of the city only, except as may otherwise be permitted by council action.

(6) Before entering upon the duties of his office, the city manager shall take an oath or affirmation for the faithful performance of his or her duties. (Ord. 1859 § 2 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.05.030 Powers and duties.

The powers and duties of the city manager shall be:

(1) To have general supervision over the administrative affairs of the city;

(2) To appoint and remove, at any time, all department heads, officers and employees of the city, and subject to the provisions of any applicable law, rule or regulation relating to civil service or other tenure of office laws;

(3) To attend all meetings of the city council at which his attendance may be required by that body;

(4) To see that all laws and ordinances are faithfully executed, subject to the authority which the council may grant the mayor to maintain law and order in times of emergency;

(5) To recommend for adoption by the council such measures as he or she may deem necessary or expedient;

(6) To prepare and submit to the council such reports as may be required by that body or as he or she may deem it advisable to submit;

(7) To keep the city council fully advised of the financial condition of the city, and its future needs;

(8) To prepare and submit to the city council a proposed budget for the fiscal year, as required by Chapter 35A.33 RCW, and to be responsible for its administration upon adoption;

(9) To perform such other duties as the council may determine by motion, ordinance or resolution. (Ord. 1859 § 2 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.05.040 Authority to designate replacement.

The city council may designate a qualified administrative officer to perform the duties of city manager under the conditions set forth in RCW 35A.13.150. The city manager may delegate city manager authority to a department head for temporary absences. Prior to such temporary absences the city manager shall inform the city council regarding pending matters of significance. (Ord. 1859 § 2 (Exh. A), 2018)

2.05.050 Removal of office – Procedures.

The city council may remove the city manager from office as provided by RCW 35A.13.130 and 35A.13.140. (Ord. 1859 § 2 (Exh. A), 2018)