Chapter 2.66


2.66.010    System created.

2.66.020    Reimbursement determination.

2.66.030    System descriptions.

2.66.040    Removal of points for disciplinary action.

2.66.050    Recordkeeping.

2.66.060    Review and revision.

2.66.010 System created.

There is created a merit system for the purpose of reimbursing reserve police officers of the city for services hereinafter set forth from the moneys in the police reserve fund at the end of every year. (Ord. 1022 § 2, 1990)

2.66.020 Reimbursement determination.

The method of determining the reimbursement for reserve police for services referred to in WMC 2.66.030 shall be by computing the total points acquired by all eligible reserve police officers for the year commencing on December 1st and ending on the following November 30th, or any portion thereof, and dividing the total into the money of the police reserve fund. All police reserve officers in good standing as of November 30th and who have acquired points according to the schedule hereinafter set forth shall be paid an amount equal to the total value of their points accumulated during said year. Points awarded to said police reserve officers shall be of value only during the same year that they are earned. (Ord. 1022 § 3, 1990)

2.66.030 System descriptions.

Reserve police officers receive points for services rendered to the city as per their following rank:


1/2 point per hour of service


1 point per hour of service


1 point per hour of service

Reserve sergeant

1-1/2 points per hour of service

Five bonus points will be added to the reimbursement of a reserve officer who contributes the highest service hours per month. Three bonus points will be added to the reimbursement of any reserve officer who contributes 40 or more hours per month. Additional points may be added for other reasons with the approval of the chief of police.

Bonus points awarded to recruits shall be calculated as full points. (Ord. 1129 § 1, 1994; Ord. 1022 § 4, 1990)

2.66.040 Removal of points for disciplinary action.

Points may be removed from a reserve police officer as disciplinary action. Points will not be removed without the approval of the chief of police and without good cause. Cause may be violation of any department policy or for incompetence. (Ord. 1022 § 5, 1990)

2.66.050 Recordkeeping.

The chief of police or his designee shall be responsible for maintaining the required records as provided by this merit system. The chief of police or his designee shall approve requests for points submitted by the reserve police officers and keep accurate and complete records of all points so approved. The decision as to the acceptance or rejection of points will be placed with the chief of police, police sergeant and reserve commander of the department, and their decisions shall be final. (Ord. 1022 § 6, 1990)

2.66.060 Review and revision.

The system of reimbursement herewith established shall be reviewed by the city council public safety committee and the chief of police at the request of the reserve police officers’ organization, but no more than once per year. (Ord. 1022 § 7, 1990)