Chapter 3.50


3.50.010    Creation – Uses.

3.50.020    Transfer of funds.

3.50.030    Sources of funds.

3.50.040    Finance director.

3.50.010 Creation – Uses.

There is created a fund to be designated as the financial equipment fund for the purpose of purchasing data processing equipment, data processing programs, payment of lease purchase amounts, and any other payments required for the purchase or lease of equipment or programs required to keep the city financial equipment and programs modern and up-to-date. (Ord. 820 § 1, 1983)

3.50.020 Transfer of funds.

Funds remaining in finance department accounts No. 514-26-41, data processing professional service, and No. 514-26-64, data processing machinery and equipment, after final disbursements in 1983, will be transferred to this fund. (Ord. 820 § 2, 1983)

3.50.030 Sources of funds.

Other receipts for this fund may include revenue sharing funds as designated by the council and receipts in excess of budgeted amounts for the general fund interest earnings account No. 001-360-10, provided those funds are not required for the current year operation as determined by the finance director. Other funds may be transferred into this fund from time to time as directed by the council. (Ord. 820 § 3, 1983)

3.50.040 Finance director.

Funds may be disbursed or transferred from this fund for the purposes designated by WMC 3.50.010 by the finance director. (Ord. 820 § 4, 1983)