Chapter 7.08


7.08.010    Removal required.

7.08.020    Inspection – Notice.

7.08.030    Removal by city.

7.08.040    Cost assessment.

7.08.010 Removal required.

It is the duty of every owner and occupant of any property within the limits of the city to remove or destroy all trees, plants, shrubs or vegetation, or parts thereof, which overhang any sidewalk or street or which are growing thereon or upon the sidewalk or parking strip area abutting such property in such a manner as to obstruct or impair the free and full use of the sidewalk or street by the public. It is the further duty of every owner and occupant to remove or destroy all grass, weeds, shrubs, bushes, trees or vegetation, or parts thereof, growing or which has grown and died upon such property, or upon the sidewalk, or parking strip areas abutting on such property, which are a fire hazard, either present or potential, or a menace to public health, safety or welfare. (Ord. 865 § 2, 1986)

7.08.020 Inspection – Notice.

It is the duty of the fire chief or his designates to make inspections of vacant lots and other properties within the city limits to determine whether the obligations imposed by WMC 7.08.010 are being fulfilled. In the event it is discovered that on a lot or tract or property, there is found growing, or that which has grown and died, any vegetation as is described in WMC 7.08.010, the fire department shall prepare a written notice to the owner or occupant of such property, which notice shall describe the property involved and the hazardous condition, and shall require the owner or occupant to remove or destroy such vegetation within 10 days after receipt of such notice. Such notice shall be served by mailing a copy thereof to the record owner of such property at his last known address as shown by the records in the office of the assessor of Clark County, and by posting an additional copy thereof on the bulletin board at the front door of the fire department headquarters. (Ord. 865 § 3, 1986)

7.08.030 Removal by city.

In the event that the removal or destruction of such vegetation is not made by the owner or occupant within the 10-day period so provided, the city, under the direction of the director of public works or fire chief, shall provide for or remove such vegetation either by city work forces or under contract with a private party. An accounting of the costs of such work shall be kept and reported to the director of the finance department when the work is completed. The cost to the city of such work, together with an administrative fee, to be established by resolution, shall be and become a charge against the owner of the property and a lien against the property. (Ord. 865 § 4, 1986)

7.08.040 Cost assessment.

In addition to the actual costs of removing or destroying vegetation from those properties whose owners failed to respond to a notice from the city to remove or destroy vegetation, there shall be assessed against the owner and against the property the sum of $50.00 as reimbursement to the city for its administrative expenses and costs incurred in enforcing the provisions of this chapter. (Res. 345 § 1, 1986)