Chapter 9.60


9.60.010    Defined.

9.60.020    Sale, consumption – Hours prohibited.

9.60.030    Establishment – Liquor sale is only part of business.

9.60.040    Establishment – Minor prohibited.

9.60.050    Sale, consumption – Allowing during unlawful sale hours prohibited.

9.60.070    Consumption in vehicle prohibited.

9.60.080    Possessing, opening or consuming in parks prohibited.

9.60.010 Defined.

For the purpose of this chapter all beverages or drinks containing more than one percent alcohol are declared to be “intoxicating liquors.” (Ord. 268 § 1, 1961)

9.60.020 Sale, consumption – Hours prohibited.

No places or persons selling or giving away intoxicating liquors of any kind, including beer and wine, which have been legally licensed by the state to sell such drinks, shall sell, deliver, offer for sale, serve or allow to be consumed upon the licensed premises any liquor, nor permit the removal of any liquor from the licensed premises in any manner whatsoever, between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. (Ord. 611 § 1, 1976; Ord. 593 § 1, 1976; Ord. 435 § 1, 1970; Ord. 362 § 1, 1967; Ord. 268 § 2, 1961)

9.60.030 Establishment – Liquor sale is only part of business.

In case of any place of business where the sale of intoxicating liquor is only a part of the business, the seller shall provide means whereby the place of selling liquor can be locked up during the hours that the sale is unlawful. (Ord. 268 § 3, 1961)

9.60.040 Establishment – Minor prohibited.

It is declared unlawful for any person under the age of 21 years to enter into or remain in or purchase any intoxicating liquors in any establishment where pool rooms or card rooms are conducted. (Ord. 435 § 2, 1970; Ord. 268 § 4, 1961)

9.60.050 Sale, consumption – Allowing during unlawful sale hours prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person carrying on any business where intoxicating liquors are sold or given away to allow any drinking of alcoholic beverages in any place operated by him during the hours when the sale thereof is prohibited and it is also unlawful for any person to purchase or drink any alcoholic beverage in any such place or in any public place in the city during the hours when the sale is prohibited. (Ord. 268 § 5, 1961)

9.60.070 Consumption in vehicle prohibited.

Every person who shall drink any intoxicating liquor in any public conveyance or private vehicle shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 355 § 17(2), 1967)

9.60.080 Possessing, opening or consuming in parks prohibited.

No person shall possess or consume intoxicating liquor within any city park. A person who violates this provision shall be guilty of a class 3 civil infraction under RCW 7.80.120. (Ord. 1808 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016; Ord. 396 § 1, 1969; Ord. 355 § 17(3), 1967)