Chapter 1.40


1.40.010    Rental paid by departments.

1.40.020    Allocation of rentals – Maintenance and repair.

1.40.030    Allocation of rentals – City building fund.

1.40.010 Rental paid by departments.

A rental rate may from time to time be established on each city-owned building or improved real estate or part thereof occupied, in whole or in part, by the various city departments and each of said city departments shall, from their respective budgeted funds, pay said rental charge upon the establishment thereof. Said rental shall include repair, maintenance, lights, water, utilities, telephone service and janitor service, and other related services. (Ord. 1587 § 1, 1959)

1.40.020 Allocation of rentals – Maintenance and repair.

Fifty percent of the rental income shall be allocated to maintenance and repair of said facilities, including the payment of lights, water, utilities, telephone service, janitor service and other related services. (Ord. 1587 § 2, 1959)

1.40.030 Allocation of rentals – City building fund.

The remaining 50 percent of said rental income shall be accumulated in cumulative reserve fund #10, known as the city building fund, and expenditures may be made from said fund on a quarterly basis for the purpose of making capital improvements and replacements to said buildings, including the repayment of any loans or advances made for the purpose of capital improvements or replacements. (Ord. 1587 § 3, 1959)