Chapter 9.15


9.15.010    Purpose.

9.15.020    Application.

9.15.030    Property development.

9.15.040    Disconnection of service.

9.15.050    Interlocal agreements.

9.15.010 Purpose.

The city of Wenatchee and the areas surrounding it have expanded in industry, business, housing and population in the past few years during which time it has been the policy of the city of Wenatchee to encourage such growth in an orderly and responsible manner so as to ensure the public health, safety, and welfare and to protect to the greatest degree possible, the quality of life of the citizens affected. Many areas outside of the city limits of Wenatchee are not now being served with sewers, although there is a demonstrated need for public sewer service. There is also a demonstrated need for water service outside the city limits of Wenatchee. Such public sewer service or water service is hereinafter referred to individually or collectively as “service.” The prior policy of the city of Wenatchee and the present policy of the city of Wenatchee is to require that new connections outside the limits of the city of Wenatchee to the service be extended only upon the applicants thereof executing certain documents to ensure that the applicant’s property be immediately annexed if lawful and feasible, or in the future when the property becomes lawfully annexable by the city of Wenatchee and the city so desires the annexation.

The area within which the city may extend service pursuant to the terms of this chapter is that area outside the city limits of the city of Wenatchee and within the urban growth boundary as set forth in Wenatchee Urban Area Comprehensive Plan as established by Resolution No. 1934. (Ord. 3058 § 2, 1994)

9.15.020 Application.

The water resources department and the sewer department of the city of Wenatchee each shall require each prospective customer (herein “applicant”) to sign an application for service. The application must be made in writing on a standard form at the office of the public works department. The application shall set forth the legal description of the property served, an address to which billings shall be mailed or delivered and such other information as the department of public works may reasonably require. The application must be signed by the lawful owner of the property to be served. The application is merely a written request for services and does not bind the department of public works to extend the service.

The department of public works, in addition to the application for services set out above, shall require applicants, as a condition precedent to the receipt of service, to immediately annex to the city, if lawful and feasible, and to take all steps necessary to do so. In the alternative, applicants shall be required to sign a contractual agreement constituting a covenant running with the land to the effect that a petition to annex to the city will be signed by the applicant binding the property served if and when the applicant is requested by the city of Wenatchee. Additionally, the applicant shall be required to waive any and all right to protest an annexation of the served property by the city of Wenatchee. Said contractual agreement is attached hereto as Exhibit A.1 In addition to executing said contractual agreement, applicant shall be required to execute a nonrevocable special power of attorney for annexation, attached hereto as Exhibit B.1 (Ord. 2000-14 § 1; Ord. 3058 § 3, 1994)

9.15.030 Property development.

Property requesting connection to the water and/or sewer system outside the city limits shall be submitted for approval to the director of community development and approved only by the mayor of the city of Wenatchee, and shall be subject to the conditions imposed by this chapter. All recording fees and out-of-pocket costs shall be paid by applicant prior to the submission to the mayor. (Ord. 2000-14 § 2; Ord. 3058 § 4, 1994)

9.15.040 Disconnection of service.

In the event of a breach of the contract, Exhibit A,1 by applicant, then the city of Wenatchee’s lawful remedy shall, among all other lawful remedies, include the right to disconnect the service. (Ord. 2000-14 § 3; Ord. 3058 § 5, 1994)

9.15.050 Interlocal agreements.

The city may enter into an interlocal agreement with Chelan County to define areas within the urban growth area boundary where service will be provided without the requirement for annexation as set forth in WCC 9.15.020. These agreements shall not exempt properties from complying with Chapter 4.08 WCC and WCC 9.15.020. (Ord. 2018-39 § 1)


Code reviser’s note: Exhibits A and B are attached to Ord. 2000-14 which is on file in the city clerk’s office.