Chapter 2.36


2.36.010    Personnel program – Duties of the mayor.

2.36.020    Retirement system – Adopted.

2.36.030    Retirement system – Duties of finance director.

2.36.040    Unemployment coverage policy – Generally.

2.36.050    Unemployment coverage policy – Adopted.

2.36.060    Unemployment coverage policy – Duties of mayor and finance director.

2.36.010 Personnel program – Duties of the mayor.

The mayor of the city shall be responsible for formulating, directing, and administering a personnel program for the city, in accordance with the laws of the state of Washington and all applicable ordinances. [Ord. 305 § 1, 1979].

2.36.020 Retirement system – Adopted.

The city authorizes and approves the membership and participation of its eligible employees in the Washington Public Employees’ Retirement System pursuant to RCW 41.40.062, and authorizes the expenditure of the necessary funds to cover its proportionate share for participation in the system. Participation membership shall commence August 1, 1977. [Ord. 248 § 1, 3, 1977].

2.36.030 Retirement system – Duties of finance director.

The finance director is directed to transmit a certified copy of the ordinance codified in this section and WRMC 2.36.020 to the retirement board of the system as evidence of such authorization and approval. [Ord. 248 § 2, 1977].

2.36.040 Unemployment coverage policy – Generally.

It is the policy of the city council that all paid employees, including appointed officers, shall have the benefit of unemployment insurance coverage. [Ord. 149 § 1, 1971].

2.36.050 Unemployment coverage policy – Adopted.

The city elects to cover the services of all paid employees, including appointed officers but excluding elected officials, with unemployment compensation in accordance with the provisions of Section 20, Chapter 3, Acts of 1971. This coverage shall commence January 1, 1972, and shall continue until terminated as provided in said Section 20. [Ord. 149 § 2, 1971].

2.36.060 Unemployment coverage policy – Duties of mayor and finance director.

The mayor and finance director are directed to execute and transmit to the Employment Security Department an application for such coverage prior to January 1, 1972, and to execute and deliver all other documents and undertakings necessary to effectuate the purposes of the ordinance codified in WRMC 2.36.040 through this section. [Ord. 149 § 3, 1971].


Editor’s Note: For statutory provisions on public employees’ retirement system, see RCW 35A.11.020 and 35A.41.020, and Chapters 41.40 and 41.44 RCW; for provisions on unemployment insurance coverage for municipal employees, see RCW 50.44.030 et seq.