Chapter 17.12


17.12.010    Zoning districts established.

17.12.015    District boundaries and GIS mapping.

17.12.020    Subsequent annexations.

17.12.030    Official zoning map, form and maintenance.

17.12.040    Regulations.

17.12.050    Community development director interpretation of unlisted uses.

17.12.060    Regulation of marijuana uses.

17.12.070    Uses within shoreline jurisdiction.

17.12.010 Zoning districts established.

In order to classify, segregate, and regulate the use of land, buildings, and structures, the city is divided into the following zones, as depicted on the official zoning map:




City parks (CP) district


Low-density residential use district (RL-40, RL-20)


Medium-density residential use district (RM-10, RM-6)


Manufactured home park use district


Multifamily residential use district (MR)


Downtown – mixed use district (D-MU)


Commercial use district (C-N, C-L, C-G, C-LI)


Light industrial use district (LI)


Urban transition use district (UT)

The official zoning map, as adopted, and as hereafter amended, shall be consistent with and implement the adopted comprehensive plan. [Ord. 21-20 § 4, 2020; Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017; Ord. 40-07 § 1, 2007].’

17.12.015 District boundaries and GIS mapping.

The official zoning map is a representation of the land use information contained in the West Richland geographic information system (GIS) database administered by the community development department. Where features existing on the ground are inconsistent with those shown on the zoning map, the administrator, who is responsible for making district boundary determinations, may review the land use information contained in the GIS for accuracy and comparison purposes. Such determinations shall be subject to a Type I review process pursuant to WRMC Title 14.

Where uncertainty exists with respect to the boundaries of the various districts as shown on the official land use database, the following rules shall apply:

A. The district boundaries shall be on section lines, lot lines, the center lines of highways, streets, alleys, railroad rights-of-way or such lines extended, municipal corporation lines, or natural boundary lines such as topography or streams.

B. Where the district boundaries are not otherwise indicated and where the property has been, or may hereafter be, divided into blocks and lots, the district boundaries shall be construed to be the lot lines, and where the districts designated on the maps are bounded approximately by lot lines, said lot lines shall be construed to be the boundary of such district.

C. Where a district line purposely divides a land parcel, such parcel shall be subject to the procedures and requirements of the respective districts as applied.

D. The district boundaries shall extend to the ordinary high water mark when adjacent to any water body unless otherwise specified.

E. Where physical or cultural features existing on the ground are inconsistent with those shown on the official land use map or the West Richland comprehensive plan map, or in other circumstances not covered by subsections A through D of this section, the administrator shall determine the district boundaries. [Ord. 21-20 § 4, 2020].

17.12.020 Subsequent annexations.

All lands hereafter annexed to the city shall be classified by ordinance in one or more of the zoning districts established by WRMC 17.12.010; provided, classification simultaneously with annexation is not required. [Ord. 21-20 § 4, 2020; Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017; Ord. 40-07 § 1, 2007].

17.12.030 Official zoning map, form and maintenance.

The official zoning map is adopted by reference and hereby made a part of this title. The official zoning map shall be maintained in electronic form and depicted in various formats and scales as appropriate to the need. The community development director shall be the custodian of the official zoning map. When, in accordance with the provisions of this title, a change to the zoning map is approved, the change shall be promptly made to the official zoning map. [Ord. 21-20 § 4, 2020; Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017; Ord. 40-07 § 1, 2007].

17.12.040 Regulations.

The regulations set by this title within each zone shall apply uniformly to each class or kind of structure or land, and except as provided in this section or pursuant to Chapter 17.69 WRMC.

A. No building, structure or land shall hereafter be used or occupied, and no building or structure or part thereof shall hereafter be erected, constructed, moved or structurally altered, unless in conformity with all of the regulations specified for the zone in which it is located, except as may be specifically provided for in this title. This title does not allow any use which is in violation of any local, state, or federal laws, regulations, codes, and/or ordinances.

B. No building or other structure shall hereafter be erected or altered to:

1. Exceed the height as required by this title;

2. Accommodate or house a greater number of families than allowed in this title;

3. Occupy a greater percentage of lot area than set forth in this title;

4. Have narrow or smaller rear yards, front yards, side yards, or other open spaces than required in this title; or

5. Be in any other manner contrary to the provisions of this title.

C. No part of a yard, or other open space, or off-street parking or loading space required about or in connection with any building structure or land use for the purpose of complying with this title shall be included as part of a yard, open space, or off-street parking or loading space similarly required for any other building structure or land use except as may otherwise be specifically provided in this title.

D. No yard or lot shall be created or reduced in dimension or area below the minimum requirements set forth in this title, except as provided by this title.

E. The lot area requirements shall apply in the residential districts and agricultural districts except where a lot has less area than required in this title as shown by any official plat on file in the office of the county auditor or after the time of the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title, as shown by the last conveyance prior to that effective date; provided, however, that these regulations shall not prohibit one private dwelling and its necessary building on such lot as long as 70 percent of the area of the site, including easements, is left in open spaces, free from structures.

F. Where two rules are found to conflict, the more stringent and specific rule shall supersede the general rule or regulation. [Ord. 21-20 § 4, 2020; Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017; Ord. 33-13 § 1, 2013; Ord. 40-07 § 1, 2007].

17.12.050 Community development director interpretation of unlisted uses.

If a proposed use is not specifically listed in this title, the community development director may announce an interpretation as to whether or not such use is to be a permitted, secondary, or conditional use. The director shall determine whether it closely resembles another listed use. Any use which is determined not to fit in the zone shall not be permitted. In determining whether a proposed use closely resembles a use expressly authorized in the applicable zoning district(s), the director shall determine whether the proposed use meets the following criteria:

A. The use resembles or is of the same basic nature as a use or uses expressly authorized in the applicable zoning district or districts in terms of the following:

1. The activities involved in or equipment or materials employed in the use;

2. The effect of the use on the surrounding area, such as traffic impacts, noise, dust, odors, vibrations, lighting and glare, and aesthetic appearance;

3. The use is consistent with the stated purpose of the applicable district or districts; and

4. The use is compatible with the goals and policies of the West Richland comprehensive plan.

B. The director’s determination may be appealed as provided for in WRMC Title 14 as a Type II review. [Ord. 21-20 § 4, 2020].

17.12.060 Regulation of marijuana uses.

The production, processing and retail sales of marijuana and marijuana-infused products, all as defined in Initiative Measure No. 502, as codified in Chapter 69.50 RCW, and implementing regulations in Chapter 314-55 WAC, are each prohibited and not allowed in any zone in the city of West Richland. [Ord. 21-20 § 4, 2020].

17.12.070 Uses within shoreline jurisdiction.

Uses within the shoreline jurisdiction are also subject to additional use restrictions pursuant to Chapter 18.08 WRMC, Shoreline Master Program. [Ord. 21-20 § 4, 2020].