Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Purpose.

17.40.020    Essential use.

17.40.030    Primary permitted uses.

17.40.040    Secondary permitted uses.

17.40.050    Conditional uses.

17.40.060    Area and dimensional requirements.

17.40.070    General regulations.

17.40.080    Off-street parking requirements.

17.40.090    Transition regulations.

17.40.010 Purpose.

The neighborhood commercial use district provides for small commercial and service businesses, as well as financial and service offices, to serve the needs of the local neighborhood. [Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].

17.40.020 Essential use.

The essential use of this district is office or other commercial buildings, for the use of businesses providing professional or commercial services to the local neighborhood. [Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].

17.40.030 Primary permitted uses.

The primary permitted uses of this district are described as:

A. Art studios;

B. Banks;

C. Business offices;

D. Churches and similar places of worship where off-street parking is provided as set forth in Chapters 17.54 and 17.57 WRMC;

E. Convenience store or mini-market (no gasoline sales or drive-up service windows are permitted);

F. Day care centers and mini-day care centers;

G. Public safety facilities;

H. Microbreweries;

I. Minor utility facilities;

J. Municipal office buildings;

K. Personal service shops (barber, beauty, and similar services);

L. Post office;

M. Professional offices;

N. Restaurants (no drive-thru allowed);

O. Retail, sales and service businesses;

P. Wireless communication facilities – co-location with an existing facility (co-location is allowed on towers that were existing prior to adoption of Ordinance No. 6-19) subject to Chapter 17.16 WRMC. [Ord. 14-19 § 1 (Exh. A), 2019; Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].

17.40.040 Secondary permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted in the C-N district in conjunction with, but subordinate to, permitted or conditional uses:

A. Accessory buildings;

B. Automobile parking areas as required by Chapter 17.57 WRMC;

C. Residential use in connection with business enterprise provided dwelling unit is constructed in compliance with the Uniform Fire Code and Uniform Building Code. [Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].

17.40.050 Conditional uses.

The following uses are permitted in the C-N district, subject to review in accordance with Chapter 17.66 WRMC and other applicable provisions of this code, and the issuance of a conditional use permit by the planning commission:

A. Public and private elementary or junior high schools, high schools, colleges, universities and schools not otherwise defined;

B. Major utility facilities, subject to WRMC 17.54.452;

C. Public uses and uses related to the welfare of the community;

D. Recreation building or area operated by membership clubs for the benefit of members and not for gain;

E. Wireless communication facilities subject to Chapter 17.16 WRMC. [Ord. 14-19 § 1 (Exh. A), 2019; Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].

17.40.060 Area and dimensional requirements.

Area and dimensional requirements, including setbacks, lot area, lot width, lot depth, building height and lot coverage, are found in Table 17.54.050. Specific exceptions are listed in the notes indexed by Table 17.54.050. [Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].

17.40.070 General regulations.

For provisions on general regulations, see Chapter 17.54 WRMC. [Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].

17.40.080 Off-street parking requirements.

For provisions on off-street parking requirements, see Chapter 17.57 WRMC. [Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].

17.40.090 Transition regulations.

For provisions on transition regulations, see Chapter 17.75 WRMC. [Ord. 15-17 § 1 (Exh. A), 2017].