Chapter 19.14


19.14.010    Scope.

19.14.020    Placement.

19.14.030    Exceptions.

19.14.040    Insurance and indemnity.

19.14.010 Scope.

Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted as controlling public information signs placed on the public rights-of-way by any governmental agency or public utility. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.14.020 Placement.

Public service directional signs for public buildings, such as public schools, libraries, hospitals and other similar public service facilities, may be placed entirely on public rights-of-way. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.14.030 Exceptions.

No sign shall be placed on or above the public rights-of-way nor shall signs be allowed in the planting areas of traffic islands unless the sign(s) are allowed on the public street right-of-way by an approved special event/special use permit and corresponding approved sign permit. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.14.040 Insurance and indemnity.

Owners of signs allowed to be placed on or over the public right-of-way may be required to obtain a special event/special use permit, agree to indemnify the city for any damages caused by the sign, and to provide insurance coverage for any incidents, damage, or injury caused by or related to the sign. The city administrator, if required, shall approve the form of the indemnity agreement and the amount of the insurance policy. Said insurance must name the city of West Richland as an additional insured, be primary as respects the city, and be current at all times the signs are in place. Excepted temporary signs allowed in the street right-of-way, including real estate open house signs and political signs, are not required to provide insurance. A special event/use permit may be denied or approved signs may be required to be removed from a public right-of-way, if such sign obstructs or impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or poses a safety hazard as determined by the city. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].