Chapter 19.16


19.16.010    Listing of specifically prohibited signs and devices.

19.16.010 Listing of specifically prohibited signs and devices.

The following signs or devices are specifically prohibited and violators shall be subject to the penalty provisions set out in WRMC 1.16.010:

A. Abandoned signs;

B. Billboards;

C. Blinking or flashing lights, such as any sign illuminated by or containing blinking, flashing, intermittent, or moving light or lights, except for signs in the central business district that are specifically approved through a special use permit process;

D. Fuel price signs, movable;

E. Illuminated signs that allow beams and illumination upon a street, highway, sidewalk, or nuisance;

F. Large inflatable objects (except with a special events permit or as a holiday sign for a recognized public holiday);

G. Laser lights and search lights (except with a special events permit);

H. Monument signs exceeding 10 feet in height (or exceeding 12 feet where leasing information is displayed);

I. Natural features and street furniture; signs, balloons or devices affixed or painted on trees, rocks or other natural features;

J. Parked vehicles, trailers, carts; signs affixed to or painted on. Signs pertaining to or associated with any business along a public right-of-way which are attached, painted, or otherwise affixed to parked vehicles or trailers with or without wheels and which are visible from a public right-of-way unless one or more of the following exceptions applies:

1. The vehicle/trailer is temporarily being loaded or unloaded for delivery purposes or service work; or

2. The vehicle/trailer is within 100 feet of the business building structure not exceeding 72 consecutive hours; or

3. The vehicle/trailer is an authorized government vehicle; or

4. The trailer or cart houses a business possessing a valid city business license;

K. Reader boards, portable (except with a special events permit);

L. Real estate; off-premises commercial;

M. Reflective material in signage including highly reflective metallic finishes, sequin studded materials or fluorescent colors;

N. Revolving signs or signs with movable parts except barber poles and numerical signs indicating parts of clocks or thermometers;

O. Roof signs, except as otherwise allowed in this title;

P. Traffic hazard or public nuisance created by signs including:

1. Signs with advertising copy which imitate official traffic signs or signals or use such words as “stop,” “look,” “danger,” “caution,” “warning” or “go slow”;

2. Signs that may confuse bicyclists or motorists or detract from any legal traffic control device as determined by the community development/planning director; and

3. Any sign placed in such a manner that it obscures the vision of a bicyclist, motorist, or pedestrian as determined by community development/planning director;

Q. Utility or public street feature; signs, balloons or devices affixed to or painted on, including utility poles, street sign poles, traffic signal equipment and poles, garbage receptacles (except ownership labels), benches, bridges, railings, fences, bus shelters (except for those bus shelter signs allowed under WRMC 19.12.070), and other types of street furniture;

R. Any off-premises sign, including any sign located on any property other than that property on which the business is located, except as permitted under WRMC 19.10.010. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].