Chapter 19.18


19.18.010    Classification.

19.18.020    Legal nonconforming signs.

19.18.030    Maintenance and repair of legal nonconforming signs.

19.18.010 Classification.

Signs in existence at the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title that do not comply with the standards of this title shall be deemed legally nonconforming and may continue to exist per Chapter 17.72 WRMC. Legal nonconforming status may not apply to signs that have received notice of infraction prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.18.020 Legal nonconforming signs.

A. Cleaning and Maintenance. Legal nonconforming signs may be removed for cleaning and routine maintenance (e.g., repainting, cleaning, changing of lighting and wiring) and may be replaced without being brought into conformance with this title. Legal nonconforming signs may continue to exist except as follows:

1. Any legal nonconforming sign that is damaged may be repaired as long as the cost of repairs does not exceed the cost of replacing the sign with a conforming sign.

2. Any legal nonconforming sign that is relocated or replaced shall be brought into conformance immediately with the current sign chapter. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].

19.18.030 Maintenance and repair of legal nonconforming signs.

Nothing in this section shall relieve the owner or user of a legal nonconforming sign or owner of the property on which such nonconforming sign is located from the provisions of this title regarding safety, maintenance, and repair of signs; provided, however, that any repainting, cleaning and other normal maintenance or repair of the sign or sign structure shall not modify the sign structure or copy in any way which makes it more nonconforming or the sign may lose its legal nonconforming status. [Ord. 16-00 § 1, 2000].