Chapter 12.16


12.16.010    Removal prohibited – Exception.

12.16.020    Reimbursement of town.

12.16.010 Removal prohibited Exception.

The removal of sand or soil from undeveloped streets, alleys, or other rights-of-way within the city of Westport by any person or persons is prohibited; provided, that upon petition filed with the city clerk, the city council may grant a permit for such removal by the applicant or his authorized agent. Such permit, if granted, shall provide a specified grade which shall not be excavated below; provided further, that no permit shall be granted allowing, nor shall any permitted excavation or removal be conducted in such a manner or to such an extent as to cause, interference with or disruption to drainage. (Ord. 402 § 1, 1971)

12.16.020 Reimbursement of town.

Any person or persons removing sand or soil from undeveloped streets under permit as provided for in WMC 12.16.010 shall reimburse the city of Westport at the rate of $0.25 per yard so removed; provided, that payment of such sums shall not be in lieu of, nor shall it affect in any manner, any fines, penalties, assessments or liabilities which may be provided for by law in connection with unauthorized sand or soil removal, nor shall it affect any liability which may be incurred by any person or persons in connection with or arising out of the removal operation; provided, further, that nothing contained herein shall be deemed to limit the city council or prevent them from imposing other conditions or requirements in connection with the granting of permits. (Ord. 402 § 2, 1971)