Chapter 14.04


14.04.010    Title.

14.04.020    Compliance.

14.04.030    Conformance to zoning requirements.

14.04.040    Administrator – Duties.

14.04.050    Application – Fee.

14.04.060    More than one division.

14.04.070    Lots for sale, lease, or transfer of ownership.

14.04.080    Copies of application and sketch.

14.04.090    Application – Approval.

14.04.100    Notification.

14.04.110    Compliance with conditions.

14.04.120    Appeal.

14.04.130    Application – Form.

14.04.140    Short plat documents.

14.04.150    Access and setback requirements.

14.04.160    Description of lot.

14.04.170    Notice of compliance with approval conditions.

14.04.180    Notice of satisfaction or deficiencies.

14.04.190    Information responsibility of applicant.

14.04.200    Final approval requirement.

14.04.010 Title.

This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the “city of Westport short subdivision ordinance.” (Ord. 502 § 1, 1976)

14.04.020 Compliance.

Every division of land for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership into two or more, but less than 10 lots, within the city limits shall proceed in compliance with this chapter. (Ord. 1224 § 3, 2000)

14.04.030 Conformance to zoning requirements.

All subdivisions shall conform to the city comprehensive plan and all zoning regulations in effect at the time any plat of a subdivision is submitted for approval. Lots shall be of sufficient area, width and length to satisfy zoning requirements. (Ord. 502 § 5, 1976)

14.04.040 Administrator Duties.

The administrator is vested with the responsibility of administering the provisions of this chapter and with the authority to summarily approve or disapprove short plats. The administrator may prepare and require the use of such forms as he deems essential to his duties. (Ord. 502 § 6, 1976)

14.04.050 Application Fee.

Each application for approval of a short plat shall be accompanied by an application fee. The amount of the fee shall be established by resolution of the city council and the amounts may be changed from time to time. (Ord. 502 § 7, 1976)

14.04.060 More than one division.

Land that has been divided under this chapter may not further be divided in any manner within a five-year period without filing a final plat as provided in RCW 58.17.060. (Ord. 502 § 8, 1976)

14.04.070 Lots for sale, lease, or transfer of ownership.

Any persons desiring to divide or redivide land situated within the city limits into nine or fewer lots for the purpose of sale, lease, or transfer of ownership shall submit an application to the administrator together with the application fee. (Ord. 1224 § 4, 2000)

14.04.080 Copies of application and sketch.

The subdivider shall submit five copies of the application showing a sketch of the entire contiguous tract owned by the applicant. (Ord. 502 § 10, 1976)

14.04.090 Application Approval.

(1) The administrator shall verify that the short plat is sufficient to furnish a basis for approval or disapproval.

(2) If the requirements of this chapter are met, the administrator shall accept the application and affix thereto a file number and date of acceptance and promptly forward copies to the appropriate government agencies, including but not limited to those specified as requiring notification in RCW 58.17.080, for their comments. The administrator shall further forward a copy to the city planning commission for its review and comments. (Ord. 762, 1985; Ord. 502 § 11, 1976)

14.04.100 Notification.

The administrator shall file as part of the record all written comments from the appropriate government agencies. If the proposed short plat is in compliance with this chapter, the administrator shall notify the applicant in writing indicating that the short plat has been given conditional approval. Such notification shall include those conditions noted in WMC 14.04.150, when applicable and any other conditions deemed appropriate. If the short plat does not comply with the requirements of this chapter, the administrator shall notify the applicant in writing that the application has been denied and indicate the reasons for denial. Notification of conditional approval or denial shall be made within 30 days of acceptance of the application. (Ord. 502 § 12, 1976)

14.04.110 Compliance with conditions.

After an application has been conditionally approved, the applicant shall have six months from the date of notification or approval to comply with the conditions of approval. If the conditions are not satisfied within six months, the administrator shall notify the applicant that the approval has expired and a new application must be filed if reconsideration is desired, unless the applicant has requested in writing, and the administrator has approved, an extension of six months. (Ord. 502 § 13, 1976)

14.04.120 Appeal.

An applicant wishing to appeal the decision of the administrator to disapprove or conditionally approve a proposed short plat may appeal the decision to the city council within 30 days following issuance of the decision. The city council, following public hearing hereon, may affirm or reverse the administrator’s decision, or may remand the application to the administrator with instructions to approve the same upon compliance with conditions imposed by the city council. (Ord. 502 § 14, 1976)

14.04.130 Application Form.

All applications shall be submitted to the administrator on the forms provided by him. (Ord. 502 § 15, 1976).

14.04.140 Short plat documents.

The short plat documents, consisting of maps, application forms and supplemental written data, shall show the following information and features:

(1) General information shall include the following:

(A) A map showing the entire contiguous tract owned by the applicant;

(B) A record description of all contiguous property owned by the applicant;

(C) The name, address and telephone number of the owner of record of the land.

(2) Existing features shall include:

(A) Boundary lines of the tract to be subdivided;

(B) North arrow;

(C) Location, width and names of all existing public rights-of-way (indicate improved or not improved) within or adjacent to the proposed short plat;

(D) The location and, where ascertainable, sizes of all permanent buildings, wells, watercourses, bodies of water, overhead and underground utilities, section lines, township lines and other important features existing upon, over and under the land proposed to be subdivided;

(E) Where topography influences the layout of lots or drainage, the administrator may require contour lines of sufficient intervals to show the topography of the land to be subdivided;

(F) Location and width of all easements for access within or adjacent to the proposed short plat.

(3) The proposed short plat shall include the following:

(A) The layout and approximate dimensions of all lots within the short plat;

(B) A method of supplying water showing location and description of the source;

(C) A method for sewage disposal indicating type and location of the facilities. (Ord. 502 § 16, 1976)

14.04.150 Access and setback requirements.

The following requirements shall apply to short subdivisions:

(1) Access requirements shall be as follows:

(A) Each lot shall have a minimum of 20 feet frontage on an existing public road, private road or access easement.

(B) Evidence of part ownership in a private road or right to use an access easement shall be submitted to the administrator.

(C) An approval shall be obtained from the administrator for any existing or proposed access to a city street or state road.

(D) Minimum width of private roads and access easements from the proposed subdivision to the public road shall be as follows:

(i) Sixteen feet serving one lot;

(ii) Thirty feet serving two to four lots;

(iii) Sixty feet serving more than four lots, subject to area served.

(E) Existing access easements or private roads, if less than the minimum width, shall be widened if additional lots are served.

(F) Evidence that such private roads or access easements have been widened as required shall be submitted to the administrator.

(G) Widening of curves on private roads or access easements shall be provided. The minimum radius at angle points shall be 50 feet.

(2) Additional building setbacks may be required when a lot of a proposed short plat abuts the following:

(A) A public road that is less than 60 feet wide;

(B) A public road that has been established by the comprehensive plan at a greater width than presently exists;

(C) A location for a future public road that may be needed as part of the road pattern for the area. (Ord. 502 § 17, 1976)

14.04.160 Description of lot.

Unless specifically waived by the administrator, a legal description of each new lot shall be submitted to and approved by the administrator. (Ord. 502 § 18, 1976)

14.04.170 Notice of compliance with approval conditions.

The applicant shall notify the administrator in writing that he has satisfied all conditions of approval. If documents (deeds, easements, or private road ownership, etc.) are required, they shall be submitted with the written notification. (Ord. 502 § 19, 1976)

14.04.180 Notice of satisfaction or deficiencies.

The administrator shall, within 14 days of receipt of notification, determine whether the conditions have been satisfied. If the conditions for approval have been met, the administrator shall submit a signed copy of the short plat to the applicant and the city clerk and retain one copy in the plat file. If the conditions for approval have not been met, the administrator shall notify the applicant of the deficiencies. This notification of deficiencies does not constitute an extension of time. (Ord. 502 § 20, 1976)

14.04.190 Information responsibility of applicant.

Conditional or final approval of a short subdivision by the administrator does not constitute verification of the validity of information supplied by the applicant. The accuracy of such information remains the responsibility of the applicant. (Ord. 502 § 21, 1976)

14.04.200 Final approval requirement.

No persons shall transfer, sell or lease any land subject to the requirements of this chapter until a short plat has been given final approval by the administrator and filed with the Grays Harbor County auditor. Each short plat given final approval by the administrator shall be filed with the county auditor and shall not be deemed to have been given final approval until filed. No building permits shall be issued until a short plat has been given final approval and, when applicable, such building permits shall specify any special conditions or setbacks as required in the short plat. (Ord. 1224 § 5, 2000)