Chapter 16.08


16.08.010    Area in Westhaven Addition.

16.08.010 Area in Westhaven Addition.

The following described area is established as a fire zone in the town of Westport:

That area in the Westhaven Addition and in the First Addition to the Westhaven Addition of the town of Westport, bounded on the northeast by Westhaven Drive, on the northwest by Harbor Street, on the southwest by 2nd Avenue and on the southeast by Bay Street.

Burning in the described area shall be permitted only in authorized covered containers, subject to further and additional requirements and restrictions as may be established by the town council from time to time.

No container shall be considered an “approved” container unless and until the owner thereof shall obtain, in writing from the fire chief, or in writing signed by not less than two members of the fire department inspection committee, such an approval of the container. (Ord. 398 §§ 1, 2, 3, 1971)