Chapter 16.12


16.12.010    Purpose of provisions – Authority to charge for services.

16.12.020    Charges for services outside city limits.

16.12.010 Purpose of provisions Authority to charge for services.

(1) Members of the fire department are authorized to go outside the corporate limits of the city for the purposes of rendering aid to other fire departments or extinguishing fires in the case of accidents; provided, that the fire department shall not render such service outside the corporate limits excepting upon orders of the chief of the fire department, the assistant chief or the mayor; except that where the city has undertaken by contract to render service to property outside the corporate limits, the fire department may leave corporate limits in fulfillment of such contract.

(2) Provided further, that the fire department may charge for services rendered within or outside the city limits of Westport where permitted by contract and the contract does not provide for costs or provide for reasonable costs; for court ordered restitution for costs incurred by violations of the Uniform Fire Code as adopted by the city of Westport, ordinances of the city of Westport and laws of the state of Washington; expenses incurred and caused by the unlawful continuance of a fire hazard in violation of the Uniform Fire Code as adopted by the city; for costs incurred for fire protection duties expended for activities which are required to be bonded pursuant to the Uniform Fire Code as adopted by the city and for contract costs of nonemergency or nonrequired services. (Ord. 872 § 1, 1991)

16.12.020 Charges for services outside city limits.

(1) The fire department shall charge for services rendered outside the corporate limits the following, unless amended by agreement between the fire department and fire districts or contract and shall charge for services within the city for cases which require reimbursement on the following rate schedule:

Fire Suppression

Initial Service Charge:

$115.00 per unit

Personnel Charge Per Hour:


$29.00 Driver/Pump





Equipment Charge


Active Firefighters







Rated Pumpers










Aerial Apparatus




(2) Equipment destroyed or lost while combating fire not covered by insurance shall be replaced. Consumable items used shall be replaced at replacement cost, i.e., foam, air or oxygen.

(3) Charges will be assessed at a one hour minimum. (Ord. 872 § 2, 1991)