Chapter 17.27


17.27.010    Intent.

17.27.020    Definitions.

17.27.030    Minimum siting standards.

17.27.010 Intent.

It is the intent of this chapter to set forth the terms and conditions under which manufactured houses may be sited, and to ensure that new-designated manufactured homes as defined herein may be sited in any zone where site-built single-family homes are permitted. These regulations apply to all zones where single-family homes are permitted. A manufactured home shall be permitted to be placed anywhere a site-built home is permitted; provided, it must meet the same standards and design requirements as any other single-family residence within the same zone; and provided further, it meets any other requirements specified within the Westport Municipal Code as permitted and allowed by state law. However, nothing in this chapter shall be construed as to permit housing designs or construction standards that do not meet the standards of a historic district or private subdivision. In addition, this section does not override any legally recorded covenants or deed restrictions of record. (Ord. 1362 § 2, 2005)

17.27.020 Definitions.

“Designated manufactured home” means a manufactured home constructed after June 15, 1976, in accordance with state and federal requirements for manufactured homes, which:

(1) Is comprised of at least two fully enclosed parallel sections, each of not less than 12 feet wide by 36 feet long; and

(2) Was originally constructed with and now has a composition or wood shake or shingle, coated metal, or similar roof of not less than 3:12 pitch; and

(3) Has exterior siding similar in appearance to siding materials commonly used on conventional site-built, Uniform Building Code single-family residences.

“Mobile home, transportable” means a transportable, factory-built home, constructed before June 15, 1976, designed and intended to be used as a dwelling, and built prior to the enactment of the Federal Manufactured Housing and Safety Standards Act of 1974. Mobile homes are no longer built and their placement in this community is prohibited.

“New manufactured home” means any manufactured home required to be titled under RCW Title 46, which has not been previously titled to a retail purchaser, and is not a “used mobile home” as defined in RCW 82.45.032(2).

“Single-family” or “one-family dwelling” means a building containing one dwelling unit on a lot, intended for occupancy by one family which may be either the lot owner or a renter. A single-family or one-family dwelling may be either a site-built, a modular, or a new-designated manufactured dwelling. (Ord. 1362 § 2, 2005)

17.27.030 Minimum siting standards.

The following standards apply to the siting of all single-family homes, whether site-built homes, modular homes or new-designated manufactured homes. Where any conflict arises between these regulations and the adopted building code, the stricter standard shall apply:

(1) A manufactured home sited within the Westport city limits after June 30, 2005, must be a new-designated manufactured home as defined herein under “designated manufactured home” and “new manufactured home.”

(2) All dwellings shall be placed on permanent foundations. Manufactured homes shall be set upon a permanent foundation, as specified by the manufacturer, and the space from the bottom of the home to the ground shall be enclosed by concrete or an approved concrete product which must be load bearing.

(3) All appurtenances (i.e., steps, landings, stairways, decks and balconies, et al.) shall meet the requirements of the International Building (or Residential) Code.

(4) All new designated manufactured homes shall comply with all local design standards applicable to all other homes within the neighborhood in which the manufactured home is to be located.

(5) All dwellings, including new-designated manufactured homes, shall meet the thermal requirements of the State Energy Code.

(6) Manufactured homes must otherwise meet all other requirements for a designated manufactured home as defined in RCW 35.63.160. (Ord. 1362 § 2, 2005)