Chapter 17.26


17.26.010    Purpose.

17.26.020    Permitted uses.

17.26.025    Additional permitted uses.

17.26.030    Conditional uses.

17.26.040    Lot and yard requirements.

17.26.050    Building height and sign limitations.

17.26.060    Off-street parking and loading space.

17.26.070    Manufactured storage containers.

17.26.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the MI district is to provide the opportunity and reserve space for industrial uses and related activities which can benefit from Westport’s marine location and to protect the allowed uses from incompatible activities thereby encouraging the continued development of water-oriented industries within Westport. Provisions are also included to lessen the potential impacts of the allowed uses. (Ord. 1146 § 2, 1998)

17.26.020 Permitted uses.

The following uses shall be permitted in the MI district subject to the provisions of this chapter and the applicable requirements of this title:

(1) Fish and seafood handling, storage, processing, packing, preserving and canning;

(2) Fish and seafood wholesaling and retail sales;

(3) Ice manufacturing, storage and sales;

(4) Boatyards, ship, boat or barge building, construction and repair, and drydocks;

(5) Ship and boat sales;

(6) Marine equipment sales and service;

(7) Marine fuel sales;

(8) Marinas, moorage, docks, port terminals, ferry terminals, passenger terminals, ship berthing, barge berthing, boathouses, boat, ship, barge, assembly and structure launching facilities; and navigation aids;

(9) Barge and ship cargo receiving, handling and storage areas;

(10) The fabrication, manufacturing, and/or assembly of drilling towers, support platforms, modules, marine assemblies or marine structures within or outside of a building;

(11) Offices accessory to an allowed use;

(12) Eating and drinking places;

(13) Breakwaters, bulkheads, groins and jetties;

(14) Landfalls or access corridors for submerged cable, sewer line, waterline, or other pipeline crossings;

(15) Stormwater and wastewater outfalls;

(16) Public and semi-public uses including Coast Guard facilities, helipads, airports, public offices, police and fire stations, transmission lines, utility substations, pollution control plants, parks, public access facilities and public service facilities;

(17) The rearing of fish or shellfish by public agencies or nonprofit organizations for release;

(18) Equipment sales, rental, repair and servicing;

(19) Machine shops, welding shops and metal and structural composite fabrication within a building;

(20) Truck terminals;

(21) Hotel and motel complexes;

(22) Marine Aquatic Recreational Park Center. (Ord. 1146 § 2, 1998)

17.26.025 Additional permitted uses.

The following uses shall be permitted in the MI district subject to the provisions of this chapter and the applicable requirements of this title: Amusement parks. (Ord. 1146 § 2, 1998)

17.26.030 Conditional uses.

The following uses may be allowed in the MI district subject to first obtaining a conditional use permit as provided in Chapter 17.44 WMC and compliance with the provisions of this chapter and the applicable requirements of this title:

(1) Charter fishing offices;

(2) Wholesaling and storage, other than seafood within or outside the building;

(3) Manufacturing, fabrication and/or assembly within the building;

(4) Research and/or development laboratories;

(5) The processing, manufacturing and/or storage of forest products;

(6) Any water-dependent, water-related industrial storage or shipping use not otherwise allowed by the MI district;

(7) Concrete plants;

(8) Oil distributors;

(9) Living quarters, including a new-designated manufactured home or single-family detached dwelling for one night watchperson and family accessory to an allowed use;

(10) Gas and/or service station;

(11) Commercial and/or public parking lots or structures;

(12) Energy recovery or cogeneration facilities;

(13) On-site and off-site hazardous waste treatment and storage facilities; provided, that such facilities comply with the state siting criteria adopted in accordance with RCW 70.105.210;

(14) Any permitted use listed in WMC 17.26.020 which either requires quantities of water exceeding the available capacity of the city water system, or will utilize ground water resources from a private well(s) for processed water shall require a conditional use permit.

(15) Uses similar in form and impact to listed uses which meet the intent of the comprehensive plan and have impacts on public services and adjoining properties substantially similar to listed uses. (Ord. 1464 § 5, 2010; Ord. 1362 § 2, 2005)

17.26.040 Lot and yard requirements.

(1) Minimum lot size: None.

(2) Minimum yards: All yards adjacent to a residential, Ocean Beach residential or tourist service district shall be a minimum of 100 feet wide.

(3) Lighting: On-site exterior lighting shall be directed away from areas outside of the marine industrial district. (Ord. 1146 § 2, 1998)

17.26.050 Building height and sign limitations.

(1) Maximum building height: 50 feet. Additional height may be granted through the obtaining of a conditional use permit. The height requirements shall not apply to assemblies manufactured or assembled for shipment elsewhere.

(2) Sign Limitations. All signs within the marine industrial district shall conform to the provisions and requirements applicable to the commercial district in WMC 15.16.150. (Ord. 1146 § 2, 1998)

17.26.060 Off-street parking and loading space.

(1) Off-street parking requirements: See WMC 17.36.220.

(2) Off-street parking location and required improvements: See WMC 17.36.230 and 17.36.240.

(3) Off-street loading space requirements: See WMC 17.36.250. (Ord. 1146 § 2, 1998)

17.26.070 Manufactured storage containers.

The use of manufactured storage containers for long-term or permanent storage is allowed as long as the installation complies with the requirements of the city of Westport flood damage prevention program, Chapter 15.12 WMC. Manufactured storage containers, including those that have been modified, may not be used as living spaces. (Ord. 1467 § 6, 2010)