Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Establishment.

2.24.020    Personnel.

2.24.030    Accountability--Reports.

2.24.040    Appointment of officers.

2.24.010 Establishment.

A department, to be known as the town police department, is created, the purpose of which is to provide for law enforcement in the town.  (Ord. 97-B §1, 1980)

2.24.020 Personnel.

The department shall consist of a chief of police and such assistant or assistants and policemen as the town council may from time to time authorize.  (Ord. 216-B (part), 1989:  Ord. 97-B §2, 1980)

2.24.030 Accountability--Reports.

The chief of police shall be held accountable to the mayor, and shall make written and verbal reports thereto as he may require.  All other department officers shall be accountable to the chief only.  (Ord. 216-B (part), 1989:  Ord. 97-B §3, 1980)

2.24.040 Appointment of officers.

Any police officer authorized herein or by the action of the town council shall be appointed by the mayor and shall hold office at the pleasure of the mayor as provided by law.  (Ord. 97-B §4, 1980)