Chapter 2.52


2.52.010  Establishment.

2.52.020  Board of trustees--Appointment--Compensation.

2.52.030  Board of trustees--Terms.

2.52.040  Board of trustees--Duties and powers generally.

2.52.050  Appropriations--Free public library fund.

2.52.060  Board of trustees--Expenditures.

2.52.070  Board of trustees--Power to exclude violators.

2.52.080  Violation--Penalty.

2.52.010 Establishment.

There is established a free public library at and within the town, to be known as the Wilbur Library. (Ord. A-155 §l, 1935)

2.52.020 Board of trustees--Appointment--Compensation.

The management and control of the library shall be vested in a board of five trustees, to be appointed by the mayor, with the consent of the town council, and no trustee shall receive a salary or other compensation for services as trustee, but necessary expenses actually incurred as such shall be paid from the library fund, and a library trustee may be removed only by vote of the town council. (Ord. A-155 §2, 1935)

2.52.030 Board of trustees--Terms.

The first appointments of trustees shall be for terms of one, two, three, four and five years, respectively, and thereafter a trustee shall be appointed annually to serve for five years, and all vacancies shall be as soon as possible filled in like manner as members of the board are regularly appointed. (Ord. A-155 §3, 1935)

2.52.040 Board of trustees--Duties and powers generally.

The trustees, immediately after their appointment shall meet and organize by the election of such officers as they may deem necessary. They shall:

A. Adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of the library as they deem expedient;

B. Have the supervision, care, and custody of all property of the library, including the rooms or buildings constructed, leased, or set apart;

C. Employ a librarian, and upon his or her recommendation employ such other assistance as may be necessary, all in accordance with the provisions of Section 11 of Chapter 119 of the 1935 Session Laws of Washington, prescribe their duties, fix their compensation, and remove them for cause;

D. Submit annually to the town council a budget containing estimates in detail of the amount of money necessary for the library for the ensuing year;

E. Have exclusive control of the finances of the library;

F. Accept such gifts of money or property for library purposes as they deem expedient;

G. Purchase books, periodicals, maps and supplies for the library; and

H. Do all other acts necessary for the orderly and efficient management and control of the library. (Ord. A-155 §4, 1935)

2.52.050 Appropriations--Free public library fund.

The council shall appropriate money annually for the support of the library, and all library funds, whether derived from taxation or otherwise, shall be in the custody of the town treasurer and shall constitute a separate fund called the “free public library fund,” and shall be used for library purposes only. (Ord. A-155 §5, 1935)

2.52.060 Board of trustees--Expenditures.

The board of trustees shall have the exclusive control of expenditures from the library fund, subject to any examination of accounts required by the state and money shall be paid from the funds only upon vouchers of the board of trustees, without further audit. The board shall not make expenditures or incur indebtedness in any year in excess of the amount of money appropriated and available for library purposes. (Ord. A-155 §6, 1935)

2.52.070 Board of trustees--Power to exclude violators.

The board may exclude from the use of the library under its charge any person who wilfully and persistently violates any rule or regulation prescribed for the use of the library or its facilities or any person whose physical condition is deemed dangerous or offensive to other library users. (Ord. A-155 §7, 1935)

2.52.080 Violation--Penalty.

Whoever intentionally injures, defaces, or destroys any property belonging to or deposited in the library shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be subject to a fine of not more than one hundred dollars or imprisonment in the town jail of not more than thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. A-155 §8, 1935)