Chapter 2.62


2.62.010    Establishment.

2.62.020    Board of trustees--Appointment--Removal--Compensation.

2.62.030    Board of trustees--Terms.

2.62.040    Town council liaison.

2.62.050    Board of trustees--Duties and powers generally.

2.62.060    Appropriations.

2.62.070    Violation--Penalty.

2.62.010 Establishment.

There is established an off road vehicle (ORV) park at and within the town, to be known as the Wilbur Meadows ORV Park.  (Ord. 551 §2, 2013)

2.62.020 Board of trustees--Appointment--Removal--Compensation.

The management and control of the ORV park shall be vested in a board of five trustees, to be appointed by the mayor, with the consent of the town council.  A trustee may be removed only by majority vote of the full town council.  No trustee shall receive a salary or other compensation for services as trustee, but necessary expenses actually incurred by a trustee in the performance of trustee duties shall be paid from the wheeled sports park fund number 150.  (Ord. 551 §3, 2013)

2.62.030 Board of trustees--Terms.

The first appointments of trustees shall be for terms of one, two, three, four and five years, respectively, and thereafter a trustee shall be appointed to serve for five years, and all vacancies shall be filled as soon as possible in like manner as members of the board are regularly appointed.  (Ord. 551 §4, 2013)

2.62.040 Town council liaison.

One member of the board of trustees shall be town council person who shall have all the same duties and powers as any other trustee, including full voting rights, and who, in addition, will serve as the liaison representative between the ORV park board and the town council.  (Ord. 551 §5, 2013)

2.62.050 Board of trustees--Duties and powers generally.

The trustees, immediately after their appointment, shall meet and organize by the election of such officers as they may deem necessary.  The board of trustees shall:

A.  Adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations for their own guidance as they deem appropriate;

B.  Adopt such rules and regulations for the governing of the ORV park as they deem appropriate; provided, that such rules and regulations shall be approved by the town council before becoming effective;

C.  Have the supervision, care, and custody of all property of the ORV park, including acquired equipment;

D.  Submit annually to the town council a budget containing estimates in detail of the amount of revenues and expenditures for the ensuing year;

E.  Preapprove all gifts of money or property for Wilbur Meadows ORV Park; provided, that final approval shall rest with the town council;

F.  With the approval of the town council, purchase all needed equipment, fuel and materials required to run or operate an ORV park for the good of the community;

G.  Do all other acts necessary for the orderly and efficient management and operation of Wilbur Meadows ORV Park in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.  (Ord. 551 §6, 2013)

2.62.060 Appropriations.

The ORV park will be funded by the wheeled sports park fund number 150.  (Ord. 551 §7, 2013)

2.62.070 Violation--Penalty.

Any person who intentionally injures, defaces, or destroys the Wilbur Meadows ORV Park or any real or personal property located at the ORV park, threatens any person using the ORV park or who repeatedly violates the ORV park rules and regulations may be excluded from the ORV park for a period of up to one year by a vote of the majority of the full board of trustees at a regular meeting.  Prior to a vote to exclude, the person shall be given an opportunity to address the board of trustees at a regular meeting, either in person or in writing, to provide any information, explanation or mitigating factors which the board of trustees shall consider in determining whether and for how long to exclude the person.  (Ord. 551 §8, 2013)