Chapter 2.69


2.69.010  Sick leave sharing.

2.69.010 Sick leave sharing.

A.  The mayor shall permit an employee to receive leave under this section if:

1.  The employee suffers from an illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition which is of an extraordinary or severe nature and which has caused, or is likely to cause, the employee to:

a.  Go on leave without pay status; or

b.  Terminate town employment;

2.  The employee's absence and the use of shared leave are documented by a qualified medical professional;

3.  The employee has depleted or will shortly deplete his or her annual leave and sick leave reserves; and

4.  The employee has been eligible for sick leave and abided by town rules regarding sick leave use.

B.  The mayor shall determine the amount of sick leave, if any, which an employee may receive under this section.  The amount of sick leave which an employee may receive as a donation shall be based on the expected duration of the absence from work.  In no event will the total amount of the donation exceed the amount accrued by the employee when the absence began.

C.  Donated leave shall be utilized in the order of receipt by the mayor (first in, first out).  Such leave shall be donated in eight-hour increments.

D.  An employee who has an accrued sick leave balance of more than ten days may request that the mayor transfer a specified amount of sick leave to another employee as authorized to receive leave under subsection A of this section.  In no event may the employee request a transfer of an amount of leave that is greater than twenty-five percent of his/her accrual balance at the time of the transfer.

E.  Transfers of leave authorized by the mayor under subsection A of this section shall not exceed the approved amount.

F.  While an employee is on leave transferred under this section, he or she shall continue to be classified as a town employee and shall receive the same treatment in respect to salary, wages, and employee benefits as the employee would normally receive if using accrued, annual or sick leave.  All such current accruals shall also be depleted prior to any continuing use of donated hours.

G.  The amount of any leave transferred under this section which remains unused may be returned to the employee(s) who transferred the leave if the mayor finds that the leave is no longer needed or will not be needed at a future time in connection with the illness or injury for which the leave was transferred.  (Res. 159 §2, 1995)