Chapter 12.16


12.16.010    Prohibited--Exceptions.

12.16.020    Placement of obstructions to cause accidents unlawful.

12.16.030    Violation--Penalty.

12.16.010 Prohibited--Exceptions.

Whoever shall place or cause to be placed, or keep or cause to be kept, upon any sidewalk in the town, any boxes, benches, goods, merchandise or other obstruction, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor; provided, the following shall not be deemed obstructions within the meaning of this chapter:

A.  All obstructions necessary in the improvement of the streets and sidewalks;

B.  Material necessary for the erection, improvement or repair of any building may be placed upon the sidewalks under permission from the town council subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the town council;

C.  Such obstructions to one-half of the sidewalk in front of stores and business houses as may be necessary for the packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of merchandise, provided such obstruction shall not be allowed more than three hours at any one time.  (Ord. 162-B §l(part),1985;  Ord. A-18 §1, 1894)

12.16.020 Placement of obstructions to cause accidents unlawful.

Any person or persons that shall place across any street, sidewalk, crosswalk or other thoroughfare in the town any wire, rope or other obstruction, for the purpose of causing, or which shall cause any person to trip, stumble, fall or be thrown shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.  (Ord. 162-B §1(part), 1985;  Ord. A-27 §l, 1894)

12.16.030 Violation--Penalty.

Any violation of this chapter shall be deemed to be a civil infraction punishable by a fine as set forth in Section 1.08.030.  (Ord. 376 §19, 2001:  Ord. 367 §26, 2001:  Ord. 162-B §1(part), 1985)