Chapter 13.12


13.12.010  Compliance with specifications and approval required.

13.12.020  Credit against utility bill.

13.12.030  Payment policy regarding utility credit.

13.12.010 Compliance with specifications and approval required.

Any person, firm or corporation desiring to extend an existing water or sewer line at their expense must first obtain council approval of the extension plan and abide by existing municipal specifications.  Approval of installation must be provided by the building inspector.  (Ord. 145-B §1, 1984)

13.12.020 Credit against utility bill.

The person, firm or corporation, upon receiving council approval of such extension, shall receive a credit against their utility bill from the municipal department whose line was extended.  (Ord. 145-B §2, 1984)

13.12.030 Payment policy regarding utility credit.

Any person, firm or corporation connecting to said line thereafter shall pay to the town, in addition to the normal utility connection fee, a sum equal to one-half of the credit received by the preceding entity connecting to the utility line and receive a utility credit thereon; such sum shall be paid by the town to the prior persons, firms or corporations in equal amounts, which shall reduce the credit originally received in the same sum.  This policy will continue until credits are reduced to a two-year credit balance; provided, if a subsequent extension is approved of two hundred feet or more, the town reserves the right to refuse apportionment of costs to the first party extending a line.  (Ord. 145-B §3, 1984)