Chapter 13.08


13.08.010  Price schedule--Establishment by resolution.

13.08.020  Payment--When due.

13.08.030  Enforcement--Lien.

13.08.040  Deposit of revenue.

13.08.010 Price schedule--Establishment by resolution.

The town council shall, by resolution, fix the schedule of prices to be charged and paid for sewage disposal service and the date of commencement of such charges, a copy of which schedule of prices shall be available for inspection upon application to the town clerk therefor.  (Ord. A-220 §1, 1951)

13.08.020 Payment--When due.

All rates and charges provided for under Section 13.08.010 of this chapter shall be paid on or before the tenth day of the month immediately following the month in which such sewerage service shall have been rendered.  (Ord. A-220 §2, 1951)

13.08.030 Enforcement--Lien.

All charges for sewerage service and for connections with the sewerage system shall be a lien on the property with which such connection is made or sewerage service rendered, which lien shall be superior to all other liens or encumbrances, except those for general taxes and assessments, and the enforcement of which lien or liens shall be in the manner provided by law, for the enforcement of the same; and any such lien so created and not redeemed within the period prescribed in Section 13.08.020 of this chapter shall preclude the delinquent from the right to further town water service.  (Ord. A-220 §3, 1951)

13.08.040 Deposit of revenue.

The town water and sewer revenue collector shall collect all charges herein provided for, as the same shall accrue, from time to time and all such sums when collected shall be paid into the “water and sewer revenue fund” created by Ordinance A-216 of the town.  (Ord. A-220 §4, 1951)1

1  Editor's Note:  Ord. A-216 is classified as a special. Specials are not codified, but copies are available for inspection in the office of the town clerk.