Chapter 13A.25


13A.25.010  General.

13A.25.020  Developer-constructed extensions.

13A.25.030  Sizes and standards for extensions.

13A.25.040  Oversizing of water mains.

13A.25.050  Town-constructed extensions.

13A.25.060  Reimbursement contracts.

13A.25.010 General.

Extensions to the existing water system shall be made in accordance with the water system master plan and as approved by the director.  (Ord. 242 (part), 1991)

13A.25.020 Developer-constructed extensions.

A.  Authorization to Construct.  Extensions to the water system shall not be constructed by developers unless complete plans therefor are drawn in accordance with the water system master plan and in accordance with the standard plans and specifications provided by the director are first filed with the department and approved by the director.  Proposed extensions shall be designed by a licensed professional engineer.  The developer shall pay all costs and fees related thereto including but not limited to engineering, inspection, construction, permit and legal.  A fee, including but not limited to estimated engineering, pressure testing and disinfection testing in accordance with subsection B of this section, inspection, and legal costs, shall be paid to the town prior to approval of the construction drawings.

B.  Construction and Acceptance.  The construction of all additions and extensions to the water system shall be inspected by the director and shall not be accepted by the town council for maintenance until the director has approved such construction after its completion and testing.  Pressure testing and disinfection testing will be done by the town and paid for by the developer.  Extensions to the water system will not be accepted by the town council unless the developer has furnished “as-built” Mylar's of the extension in a form and scale and containing such detail as is acceptable to the director.  In the event any portion of an extension is situated on private property, the director shall require that the developer obtain easements in favor of the town in a form satisfactory to the town attorney.  (Ord. 242 (part), 1991)

13A.25.030 Sizes and standards for extensions.

A.  All water main line extensions shall be six inches in diameter or larger unless a smaller diameter is authorized by the director.  The director may require that main line extensions be larger than six inches if the director determines that the property being served requires a larger size main line.

B.  All design and construction of extensions to the water system shall comply with the adopted town design standards and standard specifications.  (Ord. 242 (part), 1991)

13A.25.040 Oversizing of water mains.

If the water master plan calls for a larger water main than is presently needed for service to property being developed, the water main shall be oversized by the developer to the satisfaction of the director.  If authorized by the town council, the town will reimburse the developer for the costs of materials of the oversizing.  Prior to reimbursement, the developer will provide the town with an itemized accounting of the costs of materials for the oversized water main extension as constructed and an estimate of the cost of pipe and other materials of the size which would have served the development if oversizing had not been required.  Prior to reimbursement, the developer will also provide certification that all material and labor charges have been paid.  (Ord. 242 (part), 1991)

13A.25.050 Town-constructed extensions.

All additions and extensions to the water system whether constructed by the town under contract or by force account shall comply with the provisions of Sections 13A.25.010, 13A.25.020 and 13A.25.030.  (Ord. 242 (part), 1991)

13A.25.060 Reimbursement contracts.

The town council, in its sole discretion and upon whatever terms and conditions it considers appropriate under the provisions of Chapter 35.91 RCW (Water and Sewer Facilities Act) as now existing and in accordance with any amendments that may hereafter be made thereto, may enter into a reimbursement contract as authorized thereby, provided, however:

A.  That the period for reimbursement shall not exceed ten years; and

B.  The contract shall provide for collection of up to an additional fifteen percent of the otherwise includable costs of construction in order to cover the costs of the town's legal description and scaled drawing, attached to the contract, the area benefited by the water system addition or extension and the cost identified with each benefited lot or parcel.  (Ord. 242 (part), 1991)