Chapter 18.64


18.64.010  Administration responsibility.

18.64.020  Building permit issuance.

18.64.030  Fees.

18.64.040  Enforcement responsibility.

18.64.050  Complaint filing.

18.64.070  Parties subject to prosecution.

18.64.080  Other legal action.

18.64.090  Violation--Penalty.

18.64.010 Administration responsibility.

The planning commission, as the duly authorized representative of the town council is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the provisions of the zoning ordinance.  The planning commission may be provided with the assistance of such other persons as the mayor may direct.  (Ord. 108-B §13.01, 1980)

18.64.020 Building permit issuance.

No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to, or structurally altered without a permit therefor, issued by the town building inspector.  (Ord. 108-B §13.02, 1980)

18.64.030 Fees.

Fees shall be established by action of the town council and shall be posted at the town clerk's office.  A fee for action under this title shall be paid by the applicant at the time of application.  Applicant shall also be responsible for payment of all direct costs of hearing notifications incurred by the town as a result of his application.  (Ord. 138-B §1(7), 1983:  Ord. 108-B §13.09, 1980)

18.64.040 Enforcement responsibility.

The town attorney, upon the recommendation of the planning commission or building inspector, shall be responsible for taking any action necessary to enforce this title.  (Ord. 108-B §13.03, 1980)

18.64.050 Complaint filing.

Whenever a violation of this title occurs, any person may file a complaint in regard thereto.  All such complaints must be in writing, and shall be filed with the town clerk who shall forward the complaints to the building inspector who shall properly record the complaint, and conduct a preliminary investigation and shall then forward the results of his investigation to the town attorney or review and possible prosecution.  Either the building inspector or the town attorney may request the planning commission to hold a fact finding hearing after notice to all parties prior to making a determination that a violation exists.  The commission, if it agrees to hold a hearing, shall forward its findings of facts and conclusions of law to the town attorney or the building inspector.  If the planning commission elects not to hold a hearing the building inspector and/or the town attorney may proceed to enforce town ordinances as they determine is appropriate.  (Ord. 303 §2(F), 1996;  Ord. 108-B §13.04, 1980)

18.64.070 Parties subject to prosecution.

The owner or tenant of any building, structure, premises or part thereof, any architect, builder, contractor, agent or other person who commits, participates in, assists in or maintains such violation may be found each guilty of a separate offense and suffer the penalties herein provided.  (Ord. 108-B §13.07, 1980)

18.64.080 Other legal action.

Nothing herein contained shall prevent the town from taking such other lawful action as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.  (Ord. 108-B §13.08, 1980)

18.64.090 Violation--Penalty.

Violation of the provisions of Title 18 of the Wilbur Municipal Code or failure to comply with any of its requirements may upon a finding of committed result in a fine as set forth in Section 1.08.030 of this code, for the violator, who shall, in addition, pay all costs and expenses involved in the case.  Each day such violation continues may be considered a separate offense.  (Ord. 378 §3, 2001:  Ord. 108-B §13.06, 1980)