Chapter 2.06


2.06.010    Council salaries.

2.06.020    Councilmember waiver and election not to receive compensation.

2.06.030    Salary Commission – Membership, appointment, compensation, term.

2.06.040    Salary Commission – Duties.

2.06.050    Referendum.

2.06.010 Council salaries.

The salaries to be paid to Woodinville City Councilmembers shall be $400.00 per month plus an additional $100.00 per month for serving as Mayor until January 1, 2000, at which time the salaries shall be increased to $600.00 per month with an additional $100.00 for serving as Mayor; provided, that any salary adjustment adopted by the Salary Commission established in this chapter shall, upon taking effect, supersede the salaries set forth in this section. (Ord. 735 § 1, 2022; Ord. 192 § 1, 1997; Ord. 62 § 1, 1993)

2.06.020 Councilmember waiver and election not to receive compensation.

A Councilmember may voluntarily waive and elect not to be paid all or any portion of the salaries set forth in WMC 2.06.010 during their term of office. Notice of waiver and election must be:

(1) In writing and delivered to the Finance Director prior to the effective date;

(2) Signed by the Councilmember and their spouse, if married, as required by RCW 49.48.100. Signature(s) shall be before a notary public.

The waiver shall be effective for all salary earned following the effective date and continue in effect until withdrawn by a writing signed by the Councilmember or their spouse delivered to the Finance Director. Councilmembers’ salaries that are declined or waived shall be used for any general fund purpose. (Ord. 501 § 1, 2010; Ord. 458 § 1, 2008)

2.06.030 Salary Commission – Membership, appointment, compensation, term.

(1) There is created and established an independent Salary Commission, which shall exercise the powers and perform the duties set forth by RCW 35.21.015 with respect to the review and determination of Councilmember and Mayor salaries.

(2) The Salary Commission shall consist of five members, to be appointed by the Mayor with the approval by majority vote of the City Council.

(3) A member of the Salary Commission shall serve for a two-year term from the date of City Council approval of appointment; provided, that pursuant to WMC 2.06.040(2), each Salary Commission member’s term shall expire upon the Salary Commission’s submission of approved salary adjustments to the City Clerk. No member of the commission shall be appointed to more than two terms, regardless of the length of each term.

(4) Each member of the Salary Commission shall serve without compensation and shall be a U.S. citizen and a resident of the City or owner of fee title or leasehold interests in real property located within the City for at least one year preceding the appointment.

(5) No member of the Salary Commission may be an officer, official, or employee of the City or an immediate family member of an officer, official, or employee of the City. For purposes of this subsection, “immediate family member” means the parents, spouse, siblings, children, or dependent relatives of an officer, official, or employee of the City, whether or not living in the household of the officer, official, or employee.

(6) A member of the Salary Commission may be removed from office by majority vote of the City Council only for cause of incapacity, incompetence, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office, or for a disqualifying change of eligibility. The unexcused absence of any member of the Salary Commission from two consecutive meetings of the Salary Commission shall constitute relinquishment of that person’s membership on the Salary Commission. (Ord. 735 § 2, 2022)

2.06.040 Salary Commission – Duties.

Upon the appointment by the Mayor and approval by the City Council of three members of the Salary Commission, the Salary Commission shall proceed as follows:

(1) The members of the Salary Commission shall convene and elect a chair from among the members. Three members present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.

(2) The Salary Commission shall study the relationship of salaries to the duties of the elected officials and shall set a schedule of Councilmember and Mayor salaries by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Salary Commission. In so doing, the Salary Commission shall seek to ensure that salaries allow equitable access to elected positions by all citizens of the City regardless of socioeconomic status while avoiding salaries disproportionate to the functions of Councilmembers and the Mayor or excessive in light of the City’s size and budget. If after such review the Salary Commission determines that the salaries paid to Councilmembers and/or the Mayor should be increased or decreased, the Salary Commission shall file the Salary Commission’s written salary schedule with the City Clerk. Upon such submission, the terms of all members of the Salary Commission shall be terminated.

(3) Should a vacancy occur on the Salary Commission prior to the completion of the review required in subsection (2) of this section, the vacancy shall be filled as provided in WMC 2.06.030(2).

(4) Any increase or decrease in salary established by the Salary Commission shall become effective and incorporated into the City budget 30 days after the filing thereof, without further action of the Council or the Salary Commission except as provided in WMC 2.06.050.

(5) Salary increases established by the Salary Commission shall be effective as to all Councilmembers including the Mayor, regardless of their terms of office.

(6) Salary decreases established by the Salary Commission shall become effective as to incumbent Councilmembers including the Mayor at the commencement of their next subsequent term of office but shall be immediately effective as to any subsequent appointee to fill a vacancy.

(7) Staff support shall be provided to the Salary Commission as needed in the judgment of the City Manager or designee.

(8) All meetings, actions, hearings and business of the Salary Commission shall be undertaken in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 42.30 RCW. (Ord. 735 § 2, 2022)

2.06.050 Referendum.

Any salary increase or decrease established by the Salary Commission pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to referendum petition by the voters of the City, in the same manner as a City ordinance pursuant to Chapter 2.33 WMC, upon filing of a referendum petition with the City Clerk within 30 days after filing of a salary schedule by the Salary Commission. In the event of the filing of a valid referendum petition, the salary increase or decrease shall not go into effect until approved by a vote of the people. Referendum measures under this section shall be submitted to the voters of the City at the next following general or municipal election occurring 30 days or more after the petition is filed and shall otherwise be governed by the provisions of the State Constitution and the laws generally applicable to referendum measures. (Ord. 735 § 2, 2022)