Chapter 21.65


21.65.010    General.

21.65.020    Assignment and reassignment of address numbers.

21.65.030    Missing and incorrect addresses.

21.65.040    Display of addresses.

21.65.050    Enforcement.

21.65.010 General.

(1) New and existing buildings shall have an approved address identification.

(2) New addresses shall be assigned in conjunction with an approved building permit and/or as required by RCW 58.17.280 during land division approval process.

(3) This chapter is applied in conjunction with requirements for address identification set forth in the State Building Codes.

(4) The assignment of street and road names is pursuant to Chapter 12.15 WMC. (Ord. 705 § 6 (Att. A), 2020)

21.65.020 Assignment and reassignment of address numbers.

(1) The Building Official or designee is responsible for assigning an address to buildings, structures, and parcels. Such addresses shall be assigned based upon the grid system adopted by King County, which is designed to facilitate prompt and consistent response by emergency services, and to provide a uniform application guideline for all users.

(2) The assignment of address should follow the following criteria:

(a) Even numbers are used on the north side of roads named as east-west and on the easterly side of roads named as north-south;

(b) Odd numbers are used on the southerly side of roads named as east-west and on the westerly side of roads named as north-south;

(c) Address shall be assigned whole numbers only.

(3) Buildings with multiple tenant spaces, suites or dwelling units may have the suites/units further identified with suite, unit or apartment numbers. Property owners or their agent are responsible for assigning suite/unit numbers to their tenant spaces. Newly created suite/unit numbers shall be coordinated with the U.S. Postmaster with jurisdiction in the City and the Postmaster’s approval shall be submitted to the City.

(4) The Building Official may reassign an existing address if the Building Official determines that the address is inconsistent with the grid system adopted by King County and could adversely impact emergency services responsiveness. (Ord. 705 § 6 (Att. A), 2020)

21.65.030 Missing and incorrect addresses.

Should the City find that any building, structure or premises is not provided with an address, or is not correctly addressed, or is not using the assigned address, it shall notify the owner, agent or renter and inform them of the correct address. The address number shall be properly placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter by the effective date shown upon the notice. It shall be unlawful for any owner, agent, or renter to display, advertise or use the wrong address after notification by the City. (Ord. 705 § 6 (Att. A), 2020)

21.65.040 Display of addresses.

(1) The owner, occupant, tenant, lessee or any other person or entity having an interest in any addressed building shall conspicuously display the numerical designation assigned to such building in a place over or near the principal entrance or other conspicuous place as is necessary for visually locating such address.

(2) The numerical designation shall be easily legible with numerals displayed upon a contrasting background and shall either be illuminated during periods of darkness, or be reflective, so easily seen at night.

(3) Address numbers shall be Arabic numbers or alphabetical letters. Numbers shall not be spelled out.

(4) Each character on an address shall not be less than four inches tall with a minimum stroke width of one-half inch. (Ord. 705 § 6 (Att. A), 2020)

21.65.050 Enforcement.

Enforcement of this chapter is pursuant to Chapter 21.12 WMC. (Ord. 705 § 6 (Att. A), 2020)