Chapter 3.112


3.112.010    Fund created—Purpose.

3.112.020    Source of funds.

3.112.030    Expenditures from fund.

3.112.010 Fund created—Purpose.

There is created a special fund to be known as the irrigation operating fund. The purpose of such fund is to receive revenue from the irrigation system and other sources, and to pay all operating and maintenance costs incurred by the city in operating and maintaining the irrigation system described in Yakima Municipal Code Chapter 7.24 (as enacted pursuant to Section 4 of Ordinance 97-63). (Ord. 97-63 § 2 (part), 1997).

3.112.020 Source of funds.

The irrigation operating fund shall consist of the following sources of revenue: (1) all revenue of the system; and (2) any other revenue that may be directed by the council. All revenue of the system, and all other sources of revenue for either the irrigation improvement fund (described in Yakima Municipal Code Chapter 3.73) or the irrigation operating fund (described in this chapter), shall be deposited directly into the irrigation operating fund. (Ord 97-63 § 2 (part), 1997).

3.112.030 Expenditures from fund.

Expenditures from the irrigation operating fund shall be made only for the purpose specified in Yakima Municipal Code Section 3.112.010. Expenditures shall be made from such fund only on the enactment by the city council of an ordinance appropriating money within such fund for the purpose for which the expenditure is to be made, or by including an appropriation for such purpose in the budget. (Ord. 97-63 § 2 (part), 1997).