Title 6


6.02    General Provisions

6.03    Contempt of Court

6.04    Offenses Against Public Order and Peace

6.05    Domestic Violence

6.06    Emergency Powers of Mayor, City Council and City Manager

6.07    Abuse of Dependent Person

6.08    Drug-Related Offenses

6.09    Juvenile Curfew and Parental Responsibility

6.10    Nudity and Seminudity Prohibited on Licensed Premises

6.11    Criminal Street Gangs

6.12    Offenses Relating to Alcohol and Tobacco Violations

6.20    Animal Control

6.27    Shopping Cart Regulations

6.28    Offenses Relating to School Property and Personnel

6.32    Aircraft Operation

6.33    Airport Safety

6.44    Firearms, Knives and Dangerous Weapons

6.45    Offenses Against Persons

6.47    Trespass Crimes

6.48    Offenses Against Governmental Order

6.50    Graffiti

6.55    Offenses Against Public Decency and Morality

6.56    Nuisances

6.68    Offenses Against Property

6.75    Obstructing Passage on Streets and Sidewalks

6.80    Clean Indoor Air Act

6.86    Litter Control

6.87    Physicians’ Report of Injuries

6.88    Environmental Policy

6.90    Hazardous Materials Incidents

6.91    Unlawful Camping and Storage of Personal Property

6.92    Temporary Emergency Housing Facilities for the Homeless

*    Statutory provisions—See RCW Title 9. For provisions regarding parks, see Title 13 of this code.