Chapter 8.60


8.60.010    Supervision of city engineer.

8.60.040    Liability of city for nonconforming construction.

8.60.080    Incorporation of drawing number 13-81.

8.60.090    Agreement with county.

8.60.010 Supervision of city engineer.

All construction of residential streets, curbs and gutters, and sidewalks shall be under the supervision of the city engineer and shall be done in accordance with plans and specifications approved by said city engineer. (Ord. 2001-13 § 37, 2001: Ord. B-2009 § 1, 1957).

8.60.040 Liability of city for nonconforming construction.

The city assumes no responsibility for the construction or maintenance of residential streets, curbs and gutters, and sidewalks which do not comply with the standards set forth in Title 12. (Ord. 2001-13 § 40, 2001: Ord. B-2009 § 4, 1957).

8.60.080 Incorporation of drawing number 13-81.

Engineer’s Drawing No. 13-81 is incorporated by reference and made a part of this chapter. (Ord. 2009 § 8, 1957).

8.60.090 Agreement with county.

The mayor and city clerk are authorized to execute an agreement with Yakima County for the purposes of county street work inside the city and street work by the city outside the city, from time to time, which agreement by reference is made a part hereof, all as contemplated by and pursuant to RCW Chapter 35.77. (Ord. 1186 § 1, 1969).