Chapter 8.52


8.52.010    Adoption of official numbering scheme.

8.52.020    Application.

8.52.030    Numerical designation—Conformance with Section 8.52.010.

8.52.040    Resolution of conflicts in numbers.

8.52.050    Size of numbers.

8.52.060    Inspector appointed.

8.52.070    Curb number painting.

8.52.010 Adoption of official numbering scheme.

The scheme and system of numbering lots, business blocks and residences heretofore prepared by the city engineer and designated on a map of the city of Yakima in red ink and in the minutes of the proceedings of the city council of the 25th day of March, 1912, at page 295 of the records of said minutes, is adopted and approved as the official numbering scheme for the city of Yakima for lots, business blocks and residences. (Res. B-73, 1912).

8.52.020 Application.

The building inspector is instructed to designate the numbers for any lot, business block or residence whenever application therefor is made to him. Such numbers shall correspond to the official scheme and system of numbering adopted by Section 8.52.010. (Ord. 1165 § 1, 1969: Res. B-73, 1912).

8.52.030 Numerical designation—Conformance with Section 8.52.010.

The numerical designation of all doorways and entrances to buildings, lots, yards and grounds fronting upon the several ways, avenues, streets, drives, places and squares of the city of Yakima be and the same are hereby established in accordance with the system prescribed by Section 8.52.010 and in accordance with the map prepared by the city engineer and described in Section 8.52.010. (Ord. A-245 § 1, 1917).

8.52.040 Resolution of conflicts in numbers.

Wherever, by reason of irregularity of plats or for any other reason, there shall be doubt as to the correct number provided for any frontage by this chapter, such number shall be ascertained and defined by the building inspector and given to any owner of such frontage upon application therefor and such number shall be deemed to be the number of said frontage as provided by this chapter. (Ord. 1165 § 2, 1969: Ord. A-245 § 2, 1917).

8.52.050 Size of numbers.

The owner or occupant of any building or premises fronting upon any way, avenue, street, drive, place or square in the city of Yakima shall, upon receiving three days notice from the building inspector of said city, place a correct number of such building or premises upon or over the doorway or entrance of the same in legible figures not less than two inches in length and one inch in width. If any number shall have been heretofore placed upon or over the doorway or entrance of any such building or premises which said number does not conform with the provisions of this chapter, upon like notice from the building inspector the owner or occupant of any such building or premises shall forthwith remove and correct such number. (Ord. A-245 § 3, 1917).

8.52.060 Inspector appointed.

The building inspector is hereby appointed as inspector of street numbering and it shall be his duty to give the notice hereinbefore prescribed whenever any building or premises in the city of Yakima shall be found which is not numbered in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. A-245 § 4, 1917).

8.52.070 Curb number painting.

A.    It is unlawful for any person to engage in the business of painting lot, business block or house numbers on a curb without obtaining a valid permit to do so under the terms of this section.

B.    The code administration manager shall issue a permit without charge, to any person who desires to engage in the business of painting a lot, business block or house numbers on curbs and who fills out an application. The application shall contain the name, address, physical description, date of birth, and recent photograph of the applicant. The permit shall be valid for six months from the date of issuance.

C.    Regulations.

(1)    All curb numbering shall conform to the numbering scheme adopted in this chapter.

(2)    All curb numbering shall be three inches tall, in block letter form and stenciled. Numbers shall be painted in black on a white rectangular pre-painted background.

(3)    Paint shall be applied only by brush or roller. Spray painting is prohibited.

(4)    Paint shall be applied only during daylight hours.

(5)    The city shall not be responsible for wear and tear on curb numbers caused by snow removal, street cleaning and repairs.

(6)    The code administration manager may make such additional rules and regulations which are necessary to carry out the purpose of this chapter.

D.    The code administration manager may, upon written notice to the permittee, revoke any permit granted under this section for violation of a provision of this chapter. The permittees may appeal such revocation by filing a written appeal, stating the grounds for appeal, with the city manager within five days of receipt of the revocation. After written notice to the appellant, the city manager or his designee shall hold an informal hearing to determine whether the permit should be reinstated or revoked. (Ord. 3272 § 3, 1990).