Chapter 12.20


12.20.010  Statement of policy.

12.20.020  Premises numbering – Required.

12.20.030  Assignment of numbers.

12.20.040  Placement of numbers – Locations.

12.20.050  Placement of numbers – City assistance.

12.20.060  Violation – Penalty.

12.20.010 Statement of policy.

The city council for the city has determined that in order to provide more efficient and effective police, fire and emergency service to the residents of the city, it is necessary that each parcel of property or residence located within the city be marked with visible numbers so as to assist the city police and fire department in locating the properties in the time of such an emergency. Therefor, the city council for the city, by this chapter, provides for the placement of actual physical numbers on each piece of property within the city and provides penalties for violation thereof. (Ord. 639 § 1, 1988)

12.20.020 Premises numbering – Required.

All persons, firms, or corporations who are the beneficial owners of any parcel of property within the city shall be required to place upon said property a number which also conforms with the street address of the parcel which conforms with the requirement of this chapter. The numbers shall be placed upon said properties located within the city within six months of the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter. (Ord. 639 § 2, 1988)

12.20.030 Assignment of numbers.

A. The city clerk/treasurer shall designate the number to be placed upon each property parcel within the city. The city clerk/treasurer shall endeavor to keep all numbers presently existing the same, but in the event property street numbers are required to be changed in order to provide a uniform numbering process, the city shall notify the property owners of the change.

B. New residences or parcels shall be assigned a number by the city clerk/treasurer when building permits or property plats are presented to the city clerk/treasurer for approval. (Ord. 639 § 4, 1988)

12.20.040 Placement of numbers – Locations.

The numbers placed upon residences or upon property parcels shall be conspicuously placed at the entrance to said property or upon the residence located thereon such that the number is conspicuous and plainly visible from the street. The numbers shall be no less than four inches in height and shall be made of a durable material. Numbers shall be set such that the background behind the numbers is of a contrasting color so as to make said numbers plainly viewable. Any person, firm or corporation which is the beneficial owner of a residence or parcel of property served by a postal mailbox shall cause the number and street address to be placed upon the mailbox as well as upon the property parcel in conformity with this chapter. (Ord. 644 § 1, 1988; Ord. 639 § 3, 1988)

12.20.050 Placement of numbers – City assistance.

Whenever any residence or parcel of property is owned by a senior citizen or handicapped person unable to place the required numbers pursuant to this chapter, the city shall cause said numbers to be placed upon said property so as to ensure the uniform numbering of properties and the providing of efficient police and fire services. (Ord. 639 § 5, 1988)

12.20.060 Violation – Penalty.

Any person who shall violate the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction punishable by a monetary fine of up to $100.00. (Ord. 639 § 6, 1988)