Chapter 15.30


15.30.010    Purpose.

15.30.020    Applicability.

15.30.030    Boundaries.

15.30.040    Permitted uses.

15.30.050    Building official review.

15.30.060    Application procedure.

15.30.070    Design characteristics and elements.

15.30.080    Supplemental regulations.

15.30.090    Small commercial buildings.

15.30.100    Signs.

15.30.110    Powers – Duties – Jurisdiction.

15.30.120    Findings.

15.30.130    Expiration of approval.

15.30.140    Enforcement.

15.30.150    Appeals.

15.30.160    Appendix A.

15.30.170    Design district maps.

15.30.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to assist and guide all involved in the design and construction of new buildings, remodeling of existing buildings, and/or construction of improvements to real property, in the implementation and promotion of Zillah’s Old World theme. The design standards are intended to guide the implementation of the adopted design theme; to create a visual environment and character that attracts visitors to the city; to allow for a reasonable degree of control to be exercised over the site development and architecture of the private and public buildings erected therein, recognizing the interdependence of land values, aesthetics and good site planning; to promote economic and environmental well-being as they are affected by the distinctive character and natural attractiveness which contributes substantially to the city of Zillah; to enrich the lives and well-being of the citizens by promoting harmonious, safe, attractive and compatible development of the private and public buildings; to promote economic development and opportunity; and to further the public peace, health, safety and social, cultural and economic welfare of the citizens of the city. (Ord. 1290 § 1, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.020 Applicability.

Any and all construction, alterations, modifications or improvements to buildings, structures, walkways, signs, landscaping or lighting, and designs on properties located within the boundaries designated on the design district maps 1 and 2 attached hereto, except for existing single-family residence dwellings not used for commercial purposes, shall conform in exterior design to the Old World architectural theme adopted by the city. All such areas shall be designated as being in the Old World design district. These requirements shall include, but are not limited to, any painting, signage, doors, windows, wall finish, fencing, exterior improvements or substantial alteration or remodeling of structures as well as new construction. The goal is to capture the Old World character through design elements representative of the land and surrounding area. Important elements of the design philosophy include function, appropriateness, harmony, natural materials, site orientation, and simplicity in detail. (Ord. 1290 § 2, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.030 Boundaries.

The boundaries of the design district shall be as shown on maps, entitled “Design District Map 1 and 2,” which are included in the ordinance codified in this chapter as Exhibits A1 and A2 and incorporated by this reference.2 (Ord. 1290 § 3, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.040 Permitted uses.

Any use permitted or authorized by Zillah Municipal Code or applicable law shall be allowed but subject to the design standards. (Ord. 1290 § 4, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.050 Building official review.

A. All applications for building permits for construction, changes, painting, alterations or remodeling of buildings, structures, walkways, signs, landscaping or lighting of properties located within the boundaries of the design district shall first be submitted to, and approved by, the building official for compliance with this chapter for the Old World architectural theme.

B. All applications for required building permits, and as deemed by building official, shall be accompanied by a complete set of plans and blueprints, drawn to scale, clearly defining the construction, changes, alterations, remodeling, roofing and siding materials to be used, and also show all colors accurately portrayed for any finish, paint or other materials to be used or applied on all exterior walls and trims and stating the proposed location, dimension, and types of construction and design. The plans and blueprints shall state a contemplated date of commencement and completion of such construction, change, alteration or remodeling.

C. In determining whether the proposed construction, change, alteration or remodeling conforms to exterior design standards of the Old World architectural theme, the building official shall consider the compatibility of the proposed exterior design with any existing Old World structures and designs on properties located within the boundaries designated on the design district maps and may, in addition, consult Old World design examples available at City Hall. Materials in the guidelines are suggested examples; however, stylistically distinguishing and innovative materials may be available or become available in the future that are compliant with the standards. Building official may approve alternative materials that are consistent with the standards, purpose, and intent contained in this chapter.

D. Copies of reference materials shall be maintained at City Hall by the city clerk/treasurer and shall be available for review during normal office hours.

E. An applicant may submit a preliminary sketch prior to furnishing a complete set of plans and/or blueprints for review at City Hall. Building official shall review and provide guidance with respect to design guidelines, standards, and requirements. Upon review by the building official, the applicant shall complete the application and supporting materials in accordance with this code.

F. Design review applications shall be processed in accordance with the Class 1 administrative review process.

G. Changes to an approved design, which are subsequently proposed during the construction phase of a project, shall be submitted to the building official for approval prior to construction of the design change. Alternative design solutions, that are consistent with the spirit of the adopted design standards, may be considered by the building official.

H. The building official or designee shall also administratively review and determine design compliance of retaining walls, landscaping structures, landscaping planters, sign bases, and similar structures, as well as fences or fence-type walls with applicable design standards for properties and improvements located within the boundaries of the designated design districts.

I. In the event that an applicant disagrees with determinations and/or interpretations of the building official, supporting reference materials shall be supplied to the building official by the applicant together with a written summary of points of disagreement. Building official shall review such points of disagreement and issue a final determination.

J. Any appeal of a decision or interpretation of building official shall be as established by this chapter. (Ord. 1290 § 5, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.060 Application procedure.

Any application for a design review permit for the erection or construction of a new building, alteration, or remodeling of an existing structure, which would affect the exterior appearance of any existing building or structure, including signs, located within the district, shall be filed with the building official. Building design review is required for improvements made to the exterior of a building or structure. Building design review shall not be required in the case of single-family dwellings or noncommercial buildings. (Ord. 1290 § 6, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.070 Design characteristics and elements.

The building official, in granting or denying approval of building and design review permit, shall consider and apply the guidelines in the city of Zillah’s Old World design standards packet. This packet is intended to serve as a guide for application of Old World design standards on property located within the boundaries of the design districts. The design elements shall be incorporated, as applicable, in design proposals submitted to the building official to implement the Old World architectural theme in the city of Zillah. Decorative design details include, but are not limited to, incorporation of simple, stepped massing, highlighted with towers, cupolas and varied chimney forms, decorative facade, window treatments, balconies, murals, fountains, rustic motifs, exterior railings, fences and gates, large roof overhangs, detailed eaves, architectural canvas awnings and wood pergolas, wood window shutters/faux shutters, lanterns/faux lanterns, window (flower) boxes, faux doors with strap hinges, columns and archways compatible with the Old World theme and street address plaques. Use of subtle/rich colors from “warm” palettes with some cooler colors permitted as accents or trim. Some examples of the above are included in the Old World design standards packet available at City Hall. (Ord. 1290 § 7, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.080 Supplemental regulations.

A. The building official may require the following structures or improvements to comply to the maximum extent practical and reasonable with the Old World architectural theme when they are located on property situated within designated design districts: (1) utility boxes, (2) meters, (3) garbage receptacles and dumpsters, (4) outside fuel containers, (5) outside vending machines, (6) newspaper dispensers; and (7) public telephone booths.

B. Serving windows to outdoor, privately owned staging areas shall be set back a minimum of eight feet from the sidewalk or public right-of-way wherever possible.

C. The terms, provisions and requirements of this chapter shall be in addition to and not in lieu of the requirements set forth in the International Building Code and other uniform codes adopted by the city or in any other ordinance, statute or regulation applicable to the construction, building, zoning or other use or improvements to property.

D. The painting of a new or existing building in a color different from the color originally approved shall require approval by the building official.

E. New buildings shall not be occupied or opened for business until the exterior design features are completed in accordance with building and design review permit. A temporary waiver may be granted by the building official for not more than six months; provided, that the reason for delayed completion is due to weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the owner.

F. Rain gutters, downspouts, and heat tapes shall be required for all eaves to eliminate the possibility of drainage onto sidewalks.

G. Exemptions for Preexisting Structures. If a preexisting structure is unable to reasonably or is unpractical to meet a certain requirement(s) of the Old World architectural theme, the building official (with verification from two other designees) may issue a written exemption stating the requirement(s) of the Old World architectural theme which cannot be complied with on the structure.

H. Landscaping shall be continuously maintained in a neat and orderly fashion such that it presents a well kept, visually pleasing appearance at all times. Plants need to be maintained to avoid insect accumulation. Storm runoff occurring on all new lots and developments (private property) shall be retained and disposed of on site. (Ord. 1290 § 8, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.090 Small commercial buildings.

Single-story buildings that are under 160 square feet, such as roadside stands, coffee stands, etc., shall comply with Old World roof construction and design standards applicable to larger buildings. They may have all wood outside wall construction. Usually the siding is applied horizontally. Plywood, steel, aluminum or metal siding is generally unacceptable; however, materials may be available or become available in the future that are consistent with the standards. Stucco and brick may be used. These buildings should have extensive overhangs front and back, with more modest overhangs on the sides. Natural tone stains predominate in the Old World theme, with little or no painting of the trim. Roofing materials shall be the same as larger buildings. The overall feeling should be rustic and Old World in nature. Review and approval shall be required by the building official. (Ord. 1290 § 9, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.100 Signs.

A. All signs must conform to the city sign ordinance and be designed with Old World features.

B. General locations for signage are to be indicated on the design review application drawings, with evidence that flowers and other features will not unreasonably interfere with visual observation of the sign. (Ord. 1290 § 10, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.110 Powers – Duties – Jurisdiction.

A. The building official shall have the power to approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove all applications for permits as required by this chapter based upon compliance with the criteria and standards set forth in design guidelines and this chapter.

B. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to establish that the proposed design, construction, and improvements comply with the intent and purpose of the design district and the Old World architectural theme.

C. The building official, upon receiving an application, may impose such conditions as may deem reasonable and/or necessary in order to fully carry out the provisions and intent of this chapter. Violation of any such condition shall render any permit null and void as of the date of such violation. (Ord. 1290 § 11, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.120 Findings.

A. The building official shall approve, with or without conditions, an application or portion thereof, if it is determined that there will be:

1. Compliance with all provisions of ordinances of the city and applicable design guidelines; and

2. Compliance with applicable provisions of the master plans, the general plan and development policies and standards of the city.

B. The building official shall deny an application or a portion of an application if it is determined that the proposal fails to comply with any ordinance of the city or design guidelines, applicable general or master plans, or the development policies and standards of the city. (Ord. 1290 § 12, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.130 Expiration of approval.

A. The approval of an application shall expire and become null and void six months from the date of approval, providing that a building permit is issued.

B. An extension of approval for an additional six-month period may be granted by building official if the applicant submits a written request for extension prior to the permit expiration date and establishes a justifiable basis for the extension of permit. (Ord. 1290 § 13, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.140 Enforcement.

Prior to issuance of any required permit, under the ordinances of the city, the building official shall determine that the time limitations imposed by this chapter have not elapsed and improvements have been constructed in accordance with applicable permit approvals. (Ord. 1290 § 14, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.150 Appeals.

The approval, with or without conditions, or denial of an application may be appealed within 20 days from the date of issuance of a design review decision by building official. Any appeal shall be in writing to the appeals board on forms provided by the city and filed with the city clerk/treasurer. City clerk/treasurer shall schedule the appeal for the appeals board agenda. Appeals board shall conduct a public hearing on such appeal in accordance with applicable processes.

A. Appeals board may uphold, modify, or reverse the decision of the building official.

B. Appeals board shall also have authority to vary the application of design standards upon a finding of undue hardship, disproportionate cost or expense, or other material impediment or condition rendering the application of such standards unfeasible or materially impractical. Any variance shall be applied in a manner consistent with determinations under similar conditions or circumstances. (Ord. 1290 § 15, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.160 Appendix A.

Old World design standards packets for the city of Zillah will be available at City Hall. The city clerk/treasurer shall make copies of it available to the public to view and they may be purchased per city fee schedule. The Old World design standards packet dated December 19, 2011, is incorporated herein by this reference and is hereby adopted as part of this chapter. (Ord. 1290 § 16, 2011; Ord. 1289 § 1 (Exh. A), 2011)

15.30.170 Design district maps.

(Ord. 1290, 2011; Ord. 1289, 2011)


    Prior legislation: Ords. 1202 and 1213.


Code reviser’s note: See ZMC 15.30.170.