Chapter 8.12


8.12.010    Discharge of effluents prohibited.

8.12.020    Violations on private property.

8.12.030    Right of access.

8.12.040    Cost of abatement.

8.12.050    Penalty for violation of this chapter.

8.12.010 Discharge of effluents prohibited.

No person shall discharge or allow the discharge of untreated domestic or industrial sewage into any surface water as defined by Section 144.79, Wisconsin Statutes, or drainage ditch or onto the ground surface located in the city, nor shall any person discharge or allow effluents or pumpage of any septic tank, dry well or cesspool into any surface water or drainage ditch or onto any ground surface within the city. (Prior code § 11.05(1))

8.12.020 Violations on private property.

If a violation of this chapter occurs on private property, the health officer shall order its abatement or removal within a time set by the health department. (Prior code § 11.05(2))

8.12.030 Right of access.

The health officer or any person acting under his direction may enter onto any property and into any place at any time to ascertain health conditions, including the possibility of any prohibited discharges of sewage, pumpage or effluent from such property and may make any tests necessary to assist him in ascertaining health conditions or the source of a prohibited discharge, including the deposit of colored dyes into sanitary facilities on the property, etc., provided such tests do not cause damage to the premises and are made at reasonable hours with a minimum of inconvenience to the occupants of the property; and, if the health officer deems it necessary to abate or remove a nuisance found on private property, he shall serve notice on the owner or occupant to abate or remove within reasonable time not less than twenty-four (24) hours; and, if he fails to comply or if the nuisance is on property whose owner is a nonresident or cannot be found, the health officer shall cause abatement or removal. (Prior code § 11.05(3))

8.12.040 Cost of abatement.

The cost of abatement or removal of a nuisance by the health officer may be collected from the owner or occupant or person causing, permitting or maintaining the nuisance, or may be charged against the premises and upon certificate of the health officer, assessed, as are other special taxes. (Prior code § 11.05(4))

8.12.050 Penalty for violation of this chapter.

Any person, firm, partnership, or corporation who violates any part of this chapter shall be subject to the penalty and enforcement provisions in Chapter 1.12. (Ord. 2552-19 § 25, 2019)