Chapter 8.20


8.20.010    Fireworks defined.

8.20.020    Sale regulated.

8.20.030    Use regulated.

8.20.040    User’s permit.

8.20.050    Use of caps and sparklers regulated.

8.20.060    Penalty for violation of this chapter.

8.20.010 Fireworks defined.

The definition of “fireworks,” shall be as stated in Section 167.10(1), Wisconsin Statutes. The city elects to include within the definition of “fireworks” the items listed in Section 167.10(1)(f) and (j) to (n). “Caps” and “sparklers,” as set forth in Section 167.10(1)(e) and (i), Wisconsin Statutes, are excluded from this definition. (Prior code § 9.03(1))

8.20.020 Sale regulated.

Except as provided in Section 167.10(2) and (4), Wisconsin Statutes, no person shall sell or possess, with the intent to sell, fireworks. (Prior code § 9.03(2))

8.20.030 Use regulated.

Except as provided in Section 167.10(3), Wisconsin Statutes, no person shall possess or use fireworks without a user’s permit, issued pursuant to Section 8.20.040. (Prior code § 9.03(3))

8.20.040 User’s permit.

As provided in Section 167.10(3), Wisconsin Statutes, fireworks user’s permits may be issued for festivals or celebrations after proper application to the license committee on forms provided by the city clerk.

A.    The committee shall require a certificate of liability insurance or insurance rider (with minimum limits of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per injury) against bodily injury and property damage, combined single limit, naming the city, its officers, employees and agents as additional insureds. Such insurance shall indemnify and defend the city, its officers, employees, and agents against all claims, liability, loss, damages or expenses, whether caused by or contributed to by the negligence of the city, its officers, employees or agents.

B.    The permit fee shall be as specified in Section 3.24.050(V), which shall be paid at the time of application. A copy of the permit application and certificate of insurance or rider shall be filed with the clerk at least two weeks prior to the common council meeting preceding the date of requested use.

C.    The application shall be referred to the fire chief and the chief of police for their review as to whether the proposed display will be hazardous to property or will endanger any persons or property. They shall report their findings to the committee. Copies of the approved permit will be given to the fire chief and the chief of police.

D.    Except for city sponsored events, no fireworks display shall be more than thirty (30) minutes in duration. Excepting city sponsored events, and New Year’s Eve, no fireworks shall be discharged between the hours of eleven p.m. and eight a.m. On New Year’s Eve any fireworks display must be commenced by midnight and concluded by twelve-thirty a.m. (Ord. 2331-13 § 4(W), 2013; Ord. 1990-04 § 4, 2004; Ord. 1724 § 1, 2000: prior code § 9.03(4))

8.20.050 Use of caps and sparklers regulated.

No unauthorized person may use fireworks, caps or sparklers at a fireworks display for which a permit has been issued if the display is open to the general public. (Prior code § 9.03(5))

8.20.060 Penalty for violation of this chapter.

Any person, firm, partnership, or corporation who violates any part of this chapter shall be subject to the penalty and enforcement provisions in Chapter 1.12. (Ord. 2552-19 § 27, 2019)