Chapter 17.48


17.48.010    Permitted uses.

17.48.020    Building location.

17.48.030    Height regulations.

17.48.040    Area regulations.

17.48.050    Additional regulations.

17.48.010 Permitted uses.

Same as for the residence M-1 district, except that the occupations permitted in Section 17.44.010(C) shall not be allowed. (Prior code § 17.335(1))

17.48.020 Building location.

A.    Setback: fifty (50) feet minimum; one hundred (100) feet minimum between buildings across private streets or drives.

B.    Offset: twenty (20) feet minimum; forty (40) feet minimum between buildings. (Prior code § 17.335(2))

17.48.030 Height regulations.

A.    Principal building: thirty-five (35) feet maximum.

B.    Accessory building: fifteen (15) feet maximum. (Prior code § 17.335(3))

17.48.040 Area regulations.

A.    Floor Area.

1.    Minimum required: see Chapter 17.116.

2.    Maximum FAR permitted: twenty (20) percent on lots greater than one acre in area, twenty-five (25) percent on lots one acre or less in area.

B.    Lot Size.

1.    Minimum area: twenty thousand (20,000) square feet.

2.    Minimum frontage: one hundred twenty (120) feet.

C.    Open space: seven thousand five hundred (7,500) square feet minimum per unit.

D.    Maximum lot coverage: twenty (20) percent all principal buildings; five percent all accessory buildings.

E.    For conditional uses, minimum landscape surface ratio (LSR) required: fifty (50) percent.

F.    For conditional uses, pavement offset required: twenty-five (25) feet; pavement setback required: twenty-five (25) feet. (Ord. 2606-20 § 9, 2020; prior code § 17.335(4))

17.48.050 Additional regulations.

A.    All residential structures must be connected to public sewer. No connection shall be allowed unless the water and sewer board certifies the adequacy of the sewers and the treatment plant to accommodate the added discharge.

B.    Setbacks shall be green areas, occupied only by necessary driveways and sidewalks, and not by any parking or loading areas or facilities. If two or more buildings are on a common driveway, they must be set fifty (50) feet off the center line of the driveway.

C.    One parking space shall be provided for each bedroom per unit. One such space required per unit shall be in an enclosed garage.

D.    In addition, one-half parking space per unit shall be provided for visitor and service parking.

E.    The spaces required in subsections (C), (D) and (G) of this section shall be in addition to driveways provided for ingress and egress; such driveways shall not be used for parking.

F.    All driveways and parking spaces shall be paved with concrete or a two-inch minimum thickness bituminous asphalt on an adequate granular base.

G.    If a developer permits the storage of recreational vehicles, he must provide a separate, adequate area, properly screened.

H.    Multiple-family units or projects in existence on the date of the passage of this section shall not be approved for expansion in this or any other multiple-family classification unless they meet the requirements of this section. (Ord. 2024-05 § 5 (part), 2005; prior code § 17.335(5))